What is Acrozilla?

Acrozilla is in an acronym word game, played in rounds.

At the start of each round, players are given from 3 to 7 letters, and possibly a topic or theme,
which they are to use as the initial letters of words making up a phrase, sentence, or other word construction.

Occasionally a wildcard 'letter', indicated by an asterisk ( * ) will be seen among the letters. It matches ANY letter of the player's choosing.

A game consists of 10 rounds: two cycles of 3 through 7 letters.
There are no faceoff rounds, as has been the case in previous incarnations of the game.

When either all players have submitted entries, or time expires, they vote for which they think is the best (using whatever criteria they wish to apply: humor, profundity, clever word play, etc.),

You can type various commands to learn about who and what is happening during a game. They are described in full  here  .

Acrozilla is "kinda like" Acrochallenge,
but with has some important differences:
read about them HERE.
Differences from Acrofever are HERE.

Da Rules of Da Game

  1. After logging in, you are in the lobby, where you can see who else is online and what games are going.
  2. To join a game shown in the panel to the left, click the box showing it.
  3. To create a new game, click "New Game", specify a name, whether it is standard, clean, or adult, and how topics will be set.

    Adult games are for the "anything goes" crowd, mostly X-rated.

    Clean games are for players who prefer G- or PG-rated acros and chat, in other words "family friendly".
    In a clean game, please respect those sensibilities and avoid swearing, vulgarity, and bathroom and sexual references.

    Standard games fall in between those two, let's say they can get R-rated. They are satisfactory to many players, but some prefer either more or fewer restrictions on what they can write, or, more to the point, what others can write.

    Room names cannot have < / or | in them.

    Games can be without topics, have topics specified by the server, the winner of the previous round or the creator of the room, or be a set of topics making up a story line.

  4. Rooms can be password protected. Simply specify a password when you create the room, and give it out (via private chat, e.g.) as needed. Password protected rooms are indicated by a green padlock in the lobby display.
  5. You can be in a room, but not playing (and not holding up the play).
    Names of non-players are shown in gray.
    To switch between Playing and Watching states, click the "Change" buttons.
  6. Maximum players playing in a room is 12, but more can be in the room watching.
  7. To submit an entry for voting:
    • Write the acro in the darker, wide box above the chat,
      which can be reached either with a mouse click or the TAB key.
    • To submit, press ENTER. An icon appears and a click sounds.
    • To make a change, just re-submit (there is no special 'Edit' button).
    • If you decide you just didn't like what you wrote, click 'Revoke' to throw it away if you already submitted it. You can also use the Revoke button to ensure you have the full time, since your acro was already submitted.
    • If time runs out, but your acro matches the letters, it will be submitted automatically.
  8. Only players at the start of the round may vote. Only voters can get points.
  9. The entry with the most votes wins the round, with a tie-break going to the fastest entry.
    • 1 point for each vote an acro receives. (if you voted yourself)
    • 1 point for voting for a winning acro.
    • a bonus equal to number of votes received (minimum, 3, and capped at 7) when winning the round. (i.e. double points).
  10. Idle players: Missing 2 consecutive complete rounds (including vote-acro-vote-acro) will result in you becoming a spectator. You can return to playing status at any time.