Acrozilla Server Topics

  1. "I wish my wallet was as thick as...."
  2. #1 hit songs from "The Doldrums"
  3. _____: Don't leave home without it
  4. 11th commandment...thou shall not.
  5. 2 line dialog between 2 acroers
  6. 2 line dialog between 2 cars
  7. 2 line dialog between atheist and believer
  8. 2 line dialog between boss and employee
  9. 2 line dialog between car salesman and customer
  10. 2 line dialog between husband and wife
  11. 2 line dialog between teacher and parent
  12. 2 line dialog between teacher and student
  13. 2 line dialog between two spiders
  14. 2 line dialog between two trees
  15. 2 line dialog between waiter and customer
  16. 2 line dialog during a job interview
  17. 2 line dialog: Father and daughter
  18. 2 line dialog: Mother and son
  19. 2 line dialog: Priest and parishoner
  20. 20 years ago I was.......
  21. 42 is the answer. what's the question?
  22. 50 Year Old Film: The Graduate
  23. 51st way to leave your lover
  24. 6-year-old's reaction to an old dial telephone
  25. 9-1-1. what's your emergency?
  26. 9 out of 10 Doctors agree that ...
  27. A Barbies that never sold, with description.
  28. A bird in the hand is ...
  29. A blonde, a redhead, and a brunette walk into a bar...
  30. A case of old tech being better than new tech
  31. A chain is only as strong as....
  32. A difficult decision to make
  33. A do-over you'd like
  34. A famous work of literature
  35. A fond childhood memory
  36. A food you hate even the sight of
  37. A food you just cannot stand (but others like)
  38. A goal USA should set
  39. A guest that should appear on Late Night TV
  40. A habit you have you'd like to break.
  41. A hobby of yours
  42. A holiday we should have, but don't
  43. A job you would NEVER take.
  44. A journey of a thousand miles begins with...
  45. A made-up word and its definition
  46. A new phobia & its description
  47. A night out on the town consists of.....
  48. A penny saved is...
  49. A phrase you are tired of hearing
  50. A political candidate should never ...
  51. A poll of acro players found you to be ...
  52. A priest really does enter a bar
  53. A real or made-up word and its definition
  54. A real word and its definition
  55. A recent study found _____ are more likely to _____.
  56. A romantic dinner would be incomplete without ....
  57. A secret your partner doesn't know
  58. A successful marriage depends on ...
  59. A teenager had an argument with a parent about ...
  60. A time when nothing went right
  61. A time you needed some help
  62. A toast! To.....
  63. A Tweet you wrote today, starting with @____
  64. A useless talent you have
  65. A weird thing you saw today
  66. A well-known real song
  67. A wise kid once said ...
  68. A Wise Man Once Said...
  69. A Wise Woman once said...
  70. A Youtube video you have seen recently and shared
  71. Aboard an airliner
  72. Aboard an Amtrak train
  73. About your witch doctor training
  74. According to my Fitbit, I ...
  75. Acid trip
  76. Acro about a country
  77. Acro in such a way as to give away your identity without proper nouns.
  78. Acro in the style of another player without proper nouns.
  79. Acro rumor you heard about yourself
  80. Acrozilla
  81. Acrozilla conversation example line
  82. Actors/Actresses
  83. Ad slogan for Alka Seltzer
  84. Ad slogan for Wigs&Toupees R Us
  85. Adam and Eve
  86. Adoption
  87. Adventures in babysitting
  88. Advertising
  89. Advice on choosing a spouse
  90. Advice to kid about stranger offering candy
  91. Advice to kid on first day of school
  92. Advice to the Jolly Green Giant
  93. Advice you wish you'd followed when you were younger
  94. Advice your bank account would give you
  95. Africa
  96. After a great interview, they didn't hire me because ...
  97. After being away from home for 10 years ...
  98. After being unconscious for a week, I awoke to find ...
  99. After going to Hometown Buffet, your biggest regret was ...
  100. After our road trip we never spoke again
  101. After saying "Hold my beer", Bubba proceeded to ...
  102. After the big family gathering ...
  103. After the realization of how old you are sinks in
  104. After the storm, there was a ____ in my backyard.
  105. After work I ...
  106. After you tried out for Dancing with the Stars, they said...
  107. After you went horseback riding yesterday, ...
  108. Agenda Item for Crazy Cat-ladies' Meeting
  109. Aging
  110. Ah yes, the 1950's, a simpler time ...
  111. Air travel
  112. Air travel woes
  113. Alarm clocks
  114. Alfred Hitchcock movies
  115. All five-letter words
  116. All I want in life is (a) ____ and (a) ____.
  117. All In the Family (TV show)
  118. All that glitters....
  119. All words 2-syllables
  120. Alternative ways to get fit.
  121. Alternative ways to say, "You're Fired!"
  122. Always ...
  123. Amazing discovery in Egyptian pyramid
  124. Amazon purchase you regret making
  125. American History
  126. American history
  127. Amish people
  128. Amusement park ride(s) you wouldn't go on
  129. An accessory every car should have
  130. An honor bestowed upon you
  131. An odd place to find an ice skating rink
  132. An odd thing to applaud
  133. An unusual attachment for a bike
  134. And now, this ...
  135. And on the EIGHTH day, God ...
  136. And then she said ...
  137. Angry acroer's acro
  138. Animals
  139. Ant colonies
  140. Any cartoon character
  141. Anything you can do I can....
  142. Apples
  143. Are Krispy Kremes supreme?
  144. Arriving at Heaven, you overhear them say ______ about you.
  145. Art
  146. As a matter of fact, you are ...
  147. As a rule, Acro players are ...
  148. As Capital One asks, What's in YOUR wallet?
  149. As I came around the corner ...
  150. As I walked down the beach ...
  151. As I was walking down the street ...
  152. As you are robbing a bank, a cop enters ...
  153. As you were leaving his office, the Doctor said ...
  154. Asia
  155. Aspects of Flight Attendant job
  156. At a bar
  157. At an expensive restaurant.
  158. At graduation ...
  159. At the 50 Year HS Reunion ....
  160. At the airport
  161. At the beach
  162. At the circus.
  163. At the country fair
  164. At the doctor's office....
  165. At the grocery store, aomeone let you go ahead in line so you ...
  166. At the pre-K school
  167. At the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona ...
  168. At the seance
  169. At the sentencing, the judge said ...
  170. At the sentencing, the judge said...
  171. At the supermarket
  172. At the Walmart returns desk
  173. At your a company, a whistleblower revealed that ...
  174. Australia
  175. Award you won recently was for ...
  176. Awful ways to die
  177. Awkward situation to be in
  178. Babysitting
  179. Back in my day, kids didn't ...
  180. Back in the 'good old days' ...
  181. Bad bird watcher experience
  182. Bad birthday present for a child
  183. Bad break-up of a long relationship
  184. Bad brunch menu
  185. Bad day at driving school
  186. Bad day at the zoo
  187. Bad dentist experience
  188. Bad dieting experiences
  189. Bad excuse for a bad grade
  190. Bad fairy tale endings
  191. Bad idea for a school mascot
  192. Bad idea for lunch with co-workers
  193. Bad invention ideas
  194. Bad marriage advice
  195. Bad motto for a jewelry business
  196. Bad move by bank robber
  197. Bad name for a barber shop
  198. Bad name for a beauty school
  199. Bad name for a beauty supply store
  200. Bad name for a book store
  201. Bad name for a car dealership
  202. Bad name for a computer company
  203. Bad name for a construction firm
  204. Bad name for a cookbook
  205. Bad name for a cooking school
  206. Bad name for a cruise line
  207. Bad name for a dog training school
  208. Bad name for a dog wash business
  209. Bad name for a Dr. Seuss book.
  210. Bad name for a drug company
  211. Bad name for a dry cleaners
  212. Bad name for a flight to Mars
  213. Bad name for a funeral home
  214. Bad name for a horror movie
  215. Bad name for a hospital
  216. Bad name for a hot air balloon company
  217. Bad name for a Medical Center
  218. Bad name for a motorcycle school
  219. Bad name for a moving company
  220. Bad name for a pre-school
  221. Bad name for a public park
  222. Bad name for a recycling plant
  223. Bad name for a retirement home
  224. Bad name for a rock band
  225. Bad name for a school
  226. Bad name for a seafood restaurant
  227. Bad name for a self-help book
  228. Bad name for a supermarket
  229. Bad name for a surgeon
  230. Bad name for a swim school
  231. Bad name for a tanning salon
  232. Bad name for a toy company
  233. Bad name for an airline
  234. Bad name for an appliance company
  235. Bad name for kiddie TV show
  236. Bad name(s) for a candy bar
  237. Bad opening for a graduation speech
  238. Bad parenting advice
  239. Bad party theme
  240. Bad pickup line, followed by the retort
  241. Bad pickup line.
  242. Bad place to fall asleep
  243. Bad place to hide a murder weapon
  244. Bad places to take your date
  245. Bad racehorse names
  246. Bad situation to be in on your birthday
  247. Bad thing that happened on your first day of work
  248. Bad way to do a break-up
  249. Bad way to start a speech
  250. Bad wedding shower gift
  251. Bank's reason for turning down your loan application
  252. Barack Obama
  253. Beach day woes.
  254. Before I go to bed ...
  255. Besides calling, what else do you use your iphone for
  256. Best selling book about cats
  257. Best selling book about dogs
  258. Best thing about where you live
  259. Best way to overcome nervousness
  260. Bible characters or stories
  261. Big problem while deep sea fishing
  262. Bingo
  263. Biography name
  264. Birds
  265. Birthday gift that reminds you that "you aren't getting any younger"
  266. Birthday surprise
  267. Blind date mishap
  268. Board Games
  269. Book you want to read (real or not)
  270. Books and literature
  271. Born to be wild ...
  272. Botox treatment gone wrong
  273. Bowling mishap
  274. Boxer name that scares the trunks off his opponents
  275. Breakfast
  276. Broken thing and how to fix it (Thing: ...)
  277. Bubba is SO stupid, he thinks ...
  278. Bugs Bunny
  279. Burned the dinner. Now what?
  280. Business's name : What They Do
  281. But before I kill you, Mr. Bond, I must show you ...
  282. Butterflies
  283. By the time I got home...
  284. By the time I got to Phoenix ...
  285. California
  286. California's new state motto
  287. Camping
  288. Camping trip problems
  289. Can't make it to work today ..
  290. Canada
  291. Candy
  292. Canned things
  293. Caption under your yearbook photo
  294. Car accident
  295. Car problems
  296. Car shopping
  297. Card game(s)
  298. Cartoons
  299. Cat's reaction when you brought home a new puppy
  300. Celebrity news
  301. Celebrity who died young
  302. Celebrity you'd like to have a drink with
  303. Celebrity you would marry
  304. Cell phones
  305. Change the name of a song slightly
  306. Character from famous literary work
  307. Charades ruined forever: Grandma acts out ...
  308. Charles Darwin
  309. Charles Dickens
  310. Childcare 101
  311. Children and parenting
  312. China
  313. Classic movies
  314. Classic TV commercials
  315. Classic TV shows
  316. Classic TV westerns
  317. Classical composers
  318. Clever new way to say "good night"
  319. Climate change
  320. Climate change
  321. Closing lines to a mystery story that solves it
  322. Clowns
  323. Commandments God rejected
  324. Comment that led to a divorce
  325. Comments you got about your Blue Suede Shoes
  326. Committee you resigned from and why
  327. Commuting problem
  328. Complain to your barber
  329. Complaint dept - what's yer prahblem?
  330. Complications of owning an invisible dog
  331. Computer problems
  332. Confucius say ...
  333. Congress announces a new committee called ...
  334. Conversation between Batman and Robin
  335. Conversation between Superman and Lois Lane
  336. Convince us you're a doctor
  337. Cookies
  338. Corn
  339. Cosmetics
  340. Country song title
  341. Country Western Singers
  342. Country you'll move to if things really get bad here
  343. County fair pie-eating contest
  344. Cover story in "Brides and Guns" magazine
  345. Cowboys
  346. Crappy prize you won on TV game show
  347. Crazy dream
  348. Crazy thing Alexa or Siri said
  349. Create a conspiracy theory
  350. Create a ridiculous law, rule, or ordinance.
  351. Create and describe a new type of "cro" (e.g., Trumpcro)
  352. Creative way to lose weight
  353. Creative ways to sneak in prison contraband
  354. Creepy thing Alexa said last night
  355. Crossword clue ... then its answer.
  356. Cruise Ships
  357. Cults
  358. Cure for a nasty hangover
  359. Current events
  360. Customer experience at a bakery
  361. Daily life in Ancient Egypt
  362. Daily tasks you wish you could hire out
  363. Dancing
  364. Dangers of the internet
  365. Day at the beach
  366. Daydreams
  367. Deal Breaker (Dating)
  368. Dear Abby, I'm concerned about ...
  369. Dear Bill Gates, .....
  370. Dear Diary, For the first time today, I ...
  371. Dear Diary, Today I ...
  372. Dear future husband, you need to know ...
  373. Dear future wife, you need to know ...
  374. Death bed confessions
  375. Dental hygiene
  376. Describe a scam
  377. Describe a time you suffered "the agony of defeat"
  378. Describe a very strange jacket
  379. Describe an outfit you would not be caught dead in
  380. Describe life as a royal child
  381. Describe life on the planet Klaxor.
  382. Describe the class "Want Fries with That? 101"
  383. Describe the moon
  384. Describe the perfect day.
  385. Describe the perfect vacation.
  386. Describe the tattoo on your back
  387. Describe the ultimate dessert.
  388. Describe the winning entry at the Surrealist Art Contest
  389. Describe this group of acro players
  390. Describe what you're selling on Ebay
  391. Describe your Acro abilities
  392. Describe your biggest win
  393. Describe your day.
  394. Describe your future self
  395. Describe your home
  396. Describe your ideal living space
  397. Describe your new exercise regimen.
  398. Describe your new tattoo
  399. Describe your partner
  400. Describe your vacation condo.
  401. Deserts (like the Sahara, not cake, etc.)
  402. Desperate times call for ...
  403. Desserts!
  404. Diagnosis you got from ignorant doctor
  405. Dialog between cop and drunk driver
  406. Dialog between God and Satan
  407. Dialog between two dinosaurs
  408. Dinner with a famous person from history
  409. Dirty jobs
  410. Disaster at kids' birthday party
  411. Disney classics
  412. Disney movie
  413. Disneyworld visit gone wrong
  414. DIY project that went way off track
  415. Do not use the letter E
  416. Do you know the way to San Jose?
  417. Do you know what time it is, kids? It's ___ Time!
  418. Doctor's bad day in the operating theater
  419. Doctors
  420. Does this garment make me look fat?
  421. Dog's best selling Self Help Book
  422. Dog shows.
  423. Dog training advice
  424. Dollar Store purchase
  425. Dolly Parton
  426. Don't even get me started on ...
  427. Don't panic!
  428. Don't squeeze the (something other than Charmin)
  429. Donny and Marie Osmond or their show
  430. Donuts
  431. Down on the farm
  432. Dream job
  433. Dream you didn't want to wake up from
  434. Driving in snow.
  435. Drones
  436. Dude ... where's my CAR?
  437. During our fishing trip
  438. During the interview, I was shocked that they asked ...
  439. Each word longer than those before it
  440. Each word SHORTER than the one before (descending order).
  441. Early signs of dementia
  442. Early to bed, early to rise ...
  443. Eat, drink and be......
  444. Edgar Allan Poe
  445. Egypt
  446. Elephants
  447. Elon Musk's latest great idea
  448. Email said, "You don't know me, but ... " (write the next part)
  449. Embarrassed on Jeopardy
  450. Embarrassing browser history entry
  451. Embarrassing credit card charges.
  452. Embarrassing thing to wear on a T-shirt
  453. Emotions
  454. Endangered species
  455. Entertainment mishap at a children's party
  456. Entry in Trump's diary
  457. Essential to a romantic dinner
  458. Ethnic dish of any kind and why it's good
  459. Ethnic restaurant dish
  460. Europe
  461. Every word must use the letter V
  462. Everyone agrees, THIS is wrong
  463. Everyone commented at the picnic about ...
  464. Everyone laughed when my 6-year-old said ...
  465. Everyone was shocked by Uncle Clyde's will saying ...
  466. Everyone was shocked when you showed up at a funeral wearing ____
  467. Everything was going according to plan until....
  468. Evidence found at the crime scene
  469. Exaggerate!!!
  470. Example of what goes around comes around
  471. Example of your bad cooking
  472. Excerpts from the book 'How to Waste Time Like a Pro'.
  473. Exclusive club you belong to
  474. Excuse for being late to work.
  475. Excuse for homework not being completed.
  476. Excuse for not cooking dinner
  477. Excuse given to spouse for coming home at 3 AM
  478. Excuse me waiter, but ...
  479. Excuse to get out of a date
  480. Excuse you gave to the court for not obeying a subpoena
  481. Exercise
  482. Explain (how) "Life is just a bowl of cherries"
  483. Explain coming home at 3:30 AM
  484. Explain how you lost everything gambling
  485. Explain that body in the trunk of your car
  486. Explain the tattoo you got
  487. Failed Disney attractions
  488. Family reunions
  489. Famous artists
  490. Famous athletes
  491. Famous authors
  492. Famous criminals
  493. Famous disaster
  494. Famous historical person
  495. Famous inventors
  496. Famous last words
  497. Famous musicians
  498. Famous people who are old now
  499. Famous person you'd like to meet
  500. Famous real person
  501. Famous scientist
  502. Famous villains
  503. Fashion faux pas
  504. Fast food employees
  505. Fast food horror story
  506. Favorite celebrity
  507. Favorite character from any TV show
  508. Favorite city
  509. Favorite historical figure
  510. Favorite M*A*S*H character
  511. Favorite part of summer
  512. Favorite place to unwind
  513. Favorite SNL skit
  514. Favourite Canadian
  515. Feature your new car MUST have
  516. Feature(s) you wish your phone had.
  517. Fill in the blanks: The problem with ____ is, he never ____ _____.
  518. Finish the line: Fly me to the moon, and ...
  519. First act when Prince Charles becomes King
  520. First Agenda Item at the MENSA Meeting
  521. First date
  522. First day in jail
  523. First day of school.
  524. First line of a mystery novel
  525. First line of your new hit country song.
  526. First problem encountered in new house
  527. First sentence of your autobiography
  528. First thing to save in a fire
  529. First thing you do when getting home from work
  530. First thing you notice about someone when meeting them
  531. First words an annoying kid said after being born
  532. First world problem
  533. Fish
  534. Florida
  535. Florida's new state motto
  536. Flowers
  537. Food and drink
  538. Food you could every day forever
  539. For just 5 LOW LOW payments of $19.95 you can get a ..
  540. For whom does the bell toll?
  541. Fortune cookie said ...
  542. Fortune teller's prediction
  543. Found in the dumpster behind the White House
  544. France
  545. Frank Sinatra
  546. Frankenstein monster's first words
  547. Friendship
  548. Fun thing to do on a Sunday
  549. Funeral home motto or slogan
  550. Funniest memory from childhood
  551. Gaining weight
  552. Games
  553. Garage band name(s)
  554. Gender reveal party trick NOT to do
  555. Geography
  556. George Orwell
  557. George W. Bush
  558. Getting into college
  559. Ghost stories
  560. Ghosts
  561. Give a backhanded compliment
  562. Give a new TITLE to your favorite movie
  563. Give acro advice to a new acroer
  564. Give instructions on baking a turkey
  565. Global warming
  566. God's outgoing answering machine message.
  567. God is not mad at you, he's just _____
  568. Going back to college at age 55
  569. Going to jail because ...
  570. Golfer's excuse for a really bad round
  571. Good advice
  572. Good attributes in a person
  573. Good cold remedies
  574. Good marriage advice
  575. Good names for a family restaurant(s)
  576. Good news Mr Jones - your wife's having triplets!
  577. Good or bad aspects of Flight Attendant job
  578. Good or bad name for a candy store
  579. Good or bad name for a toy store
  580. Good parenting advice
  581. Good place to bury treasure
  582. Good reason to move away.
  583. Good reason to move house.
  584. Goodness me, it's ....
  585. Goodwill refused your donation of ...
  586. Graduations
  587. Grammar rule
  588. Grampa says 'In my day...'
  589. Granny's advice
  590. Great athlete of the past
  591. Great minds
  592. Great TV comedies
  593. Great word you played to win Scrabble game
  594. Grocery shopping
  595. Had I paid more attention in school, I would have learned that ...
  596. Having more than one spouse.
  597. He said "I love you" but he really meant....
  598. Headline from the past
  599. Headline from the year 2050
  600. Headline in tomorrow's paper
  601. Headline of your op-ed in the local paper
  602. Headline we'd rather not see
  603. Headline we would love to see.
  604. Health issues
  605. Heard in a confession booth
  606. Hello darkness, my old friend, ...
  607. Hello, Insurance company? ... listen ...
  608. Here's to you Joe Dimaggio (a nation turns its lonely eyes ...)
  609. Hey, kids, it's time for ...
  610. Hey. what's your problem?
  611. History
  612. Hitchhiking
  613. Holiday disaster
  614. Home remodel gone wrong
  615. Home repair you should have called 'a guy' for instead of DIY
  616. Home schooling
  617. Honeymoon disaster
  618. Honk if you...
  619. Horror Films
  620. Horse's thoughts after race
  621. Horseback riding
  622. Hospital food
  623. Houdini
  624. How's your exercise program going?
  625. How (or why) you got stuck in a chimney
  626. How acro will be played in the future
  627. How did God's plan for the Universe work out in practice?
  628. How did you end up playing acro
  629. How did you get the black eye?
  630. How did you lose your front teeth?
  631. How did you make a cake that looks like ...?
  632. How did you sleep?
  633. How did you waste your parents money?
  634. How do we know when the Grim Reaper is near?
  635. How far you could go on a bike
  636. How find an honest car mechanic
  637. How I stayed married for 30 years
  638. How it happens you have a butler
  639. How kid explained bad report card
  640. How Prince found Cinderella in 21st century
  641. How the dinner got ruined
  642. How the pirate lost his leg
  643. How the world will end
  644. How to be "Life of the Party"
  645. How to beat winter blues
  646. How to become an astronaut
  647. How to become wealthy
  648. How to beef up your internet connection
  649. How to cheer up all the grumpy family members
  650. How to chill
  651. How to choose a good restaurant
  652. How to choose a retirement home.
  653. How to choose between conflicting invitations
  654. How to convice people to vote (in real elections)
  655. How to convince someone you are honest
  656. How to cure a toothache
  657. How to deal with being trapped at home by snow
  658. How to discipline a brat.
  659. How to drive in the snow
  660. How to entertain yourself without electricity
  661. How to escape from prison
  662. How to find a lost dog
  663. How to find a replacement (doctor, accountant, etc)
  664. How to get a 4-year-old to sit still.
  665. How to get a bad roommate out of your house.
  666. How to get away from it all
  667. How to get away with murder
  668. How to get more down time in your daily life
  669. How to get out of a traffic ticket.
  670. How to get rich quick
  671. How to get rid of a telemarketer
  672. How to get rid of an unwanted houseguest.
  673. How to get rid of something you stole
  674. How to identify a real pro (at something)
  675. How to influence politics
  676. How to keep a horse in your house
  677. How to know your dinner guests were pleased
  678. How to live carelessly
  679. How to look like a "big spender"
  680. How to lose 10 lbs in one week
  681. How to lose someone's trust
  682. How to make a stranger's day better
  683. How to occupy your time in the hospital
  684. How to overcome shyness
  685. How to pass time in jail
  686. How to pay it forward - an example
  687. How to pick lottery numbers
  688. How to prepare for a marathon
  689. How to quickly lose a lover
  690. How to reject someone that you're NOT attracted to
  691. How to rig an election
  692. How to save yourself from quicksand
  693. How to shut out distractions while playing Acro.
  694. How to shut up a back seat driver
  695. How to spot a cheating spouse
  696. How to spot a fake sheriff's badge
  697. How to steal clothes from a store
  698. How to tell if "She Loves You" yeah yeah yeah
  699. How to tell if a football team is cheating
  700. How to tell if acro player is on drugs
  701. How to tell if someone is a narcissist
  702. How to tell if someone is sincere
  703. How to tell if your psychic is real or fake
  704. How to tell someone is a tourist
  705. How to tell you've been hired by a corrupt organization
  706. How to tell you are dead
  707. How to tell you have a winning acro
  708. How to tell your 4-year-old he's getting a new sibling
  709. How to tell your house is haunted.
  710. How to tell your joke went over poorly
  711. How to tell your joke went over poorly
  712. How to tell your kid was in the cookie jar again
  713. How to tell your son he can't play (American) football
  714. How to treat a cold at home
  715. How was your day?
  716. How we should welcome new Acrochallenge Players
  717. How wife informed husband he forgot her birthday
  718. How you decided to celebrate your birthday.
  719. How you did in the chess tournament
  720. How you ended up with 2 spouses at the same time
  721. How you feel about train travel
  722. How you figured out that you were mortal after all
  723. How you got lost
  724. How you got lost
  725. How you got that job promotion
  726. How you got the nickname "Panic Pants"
  727. How you got your car out of the snow drift
  728. How you got your lost wallet back
  729. How you know if your friend is a TRUE friend
  730. How you know someone is a golddigger
  731. How you know you're a child at heart
  732. How you know you're old
  733. How you know you have spotted Big Foot
  734. How you know you just joined a cult
  735. How you know your goldfish had a party while you were out
  736. How you know your new neighbors are hillbillies
  737. How you learned of your spouse's affair
  738. How you learned that "Rolex" you bought on the street is fake
  739. How you made your first million
  740. How you make sure your phone isn't bugged
  741. How you realized you ARE your parent's image
  742. How you realized you bought fake jewelry
  743. How you see your old age playing out
  744. How you spent the day today
  745. How you survived the flood.
  746. How you thwarted the car jacker
  747. How you told your boss off, but good!
  748. How you took down that robber.
  749. How you totally blew that job interview
  750. How you would change the world?
  751. How you would improve your home?
  752. How yould you secretly infiltrate the government?
  753. How your audition for America's Got Talent went
  754. How your best friend would describe you to someone who doesn't know you
  755. How your boss told you you were fired
  756. How your campaign to get an Oscar went
  757. How your car bumper got dented
  758. How your cat reacted to the new puppy in the house
  759. How your chemistry experiment turned out
  760. How your dish went over at the pot luck dinner
  761. How your fishing trip went
  762. How your kid's teacher caused a scandal
  763. Humorous bumper sticker
  764. Husband's reaction to mother-in-law coming to stay for a month
  765. Hyper-specialized dating site
  766. I'll never attend another rock concert because ...
  767. I'll take ____ for $1000 dollars, Alex
  768. I'm a long way from achieving ...
  769. I'm happier than a ...
  770. I'm madder than a ...
  771. I'm NEVER going on safari again -- ever!
  772. I'm never going to Del Taco ever again because ...
  773. I'm no doctor , but I think your suffering from..
  774. I'm on this medication because ...
  775. I'm really tired of ...
  776. I'm really tired of hearing about ...
  777. I'm sadder than a ...
  778. I'm so dumb, I just ___ when ___
  779. I'm so happy I...
  780. I'm so old, I can remember when ...
  781. I'm sorry - we cannot accept this credit card ...
  782. I can't believe I just ....
  783. I can't come now because I _____
  784. I can't date you because...
  785. I can't decide between ___ and ___
  786. I can't remember the last time I...
  787. I cannot believe Walmart is selling ....
  788. I could never ...
  789. I couldn't believe there was a GoFundMe campaign for ...
  790. I couldn't have committed the murder, ...
  791. I didn't believe the mechanic when he said my ______ was broken.
  792. I didn't follow the advice, "Don't sleep in the subway, darling" ...
  793. I didn't have any time to watch TV today because ...
  794. I do not have a clue how to ...
  795. I don't know if I'll ever again be able to ...
  796. I don't want to _____ but _____
  797. I dreamed of being a ___ but now Im a ____
  798. I drink to forget ..
  799. I face a really tough decision ...
  800. I forgot to .... again
  801. I get by with ...
  802. I get by with a little help from ....
  803. I got arrested because ...
  804. I got in trouble when I mixed up these two similar words
  805. I got really mad after reading about this ...
  806. I got stuck on a bus and ended up ...
  807. I got worried when ...
  808. I got worried when the dentist said ...
  809. I got worried when the doctor said ...
  810. I got worried when the pilot announced ...
  811. I hate to tell you this but ...
  812. I hate when by boss asks me to ...
  813. I have no time for ...
  814. I have the greatest boss
  815. I have the worst boss in the World!
  816. I have to keep reminding myself to ...
  817. I just can't ...
  818. I just can't go ...
  819. I just don't understand kids these days
  820. I knew he was rich when I heard him say ...
  821. I knew I never should have ...
  822. I know I'm not perfect, but at least I...
  823. I lied only because ...
  824. I like to have ____ with my ____
  825. I like to read ...
  826. I logged in to, and first thing ...
  827. I looked in this guy's grocery cart ... and whoa! ...
  828. I lost my...
  829. I lost the instruction manual for ...
  830. I Love Lucy
  831. I married this person because ...
  832. I married this person even though ...
  833. I need counseling because ...
  834. I never expected you to ...
  835. I never knew that........
  836. I never thought I'd ever do this
  837. I never thought I'd live to see the day that ...
  838. I never thought I would see....
  839. I never tried to ________
  840. I only ___ because I (am) ___
  841. I opened the double doors, and there before me was ...
  842. I regret to say ...
  843. I saw her standing there, and she was ....
  844. I should have known better than to ...
  845. I should never have eaten ...
  846. I snapped my fingers and ...
  847. I think I'm going to need a lawyer ...
  848. I think you went too far when you ...
  849. I thought my ancestors were ____ but in reality they were _____
  850. I took my car in for service and afterwards ...
  851. I want _____, but _____
  852. I want to _____ but _____
  853. I warned her not to ...
  854. I was cooking dinner and then......
  855. I was digging in my garden and found a box that contained...
  856. I was driving down the road when suddenly....
  857. I was foolish to think that ...
  858. I was happy to see the mailman because ...
  859. I was in my canoe when ...
  860. I was minding my own business when...
  861. I was minding my own business, when suddenly this guy ...
  862. I was pleasantly surprised when ...
  863. I was shocked to learn my son ...
  864. I was surprised to see a _____ in a 7-11.
  865. I was talking a nice walk in the park when suddenly ...
  866. I was totally shocked to learn that ...
  867. I was trying to get to ___ but ended up in ___
  868. I wasn't hired because they were looking for someone who ...
  869. I went out to get ____ and came back with ____
  870. I went to ____ and _____
  871. I went to 65 Flavors Ice Cream, couldn't decide between ___ and ____
  872. I went to buy_____but came home with_______
  873. I went to the zoo and saw.....
  874. I wish humanity would...
  875. I wish I could ____ but I _____
  876. I wish I could help you, but ...
  877. I wish I could...
  878. I wish I had more time to ...
  879. I wish I had never ...
  880. I wish that we all ...
  881. I won't get married because..
  882. I wonder why ...
  883. I would be truly happy if I had a ...
  884. I would have been here to help you, but I ...
  885. I would never ...
  886. Ice skating
  887. Idea for a cheap date
  888. Idea for new "reality" TV show
  889. Idiot once say ...
  890. If a dog gets drunk ...
  891. If animals ran the zoo
  892. If at first you don't succeed...
  893. If cows could fly
  894. If cows ruled the world ...
  895. If dogs ruled the world ...
  896. If ever I would leave you ...
  897. If God didn't want us to ____ - He would not have ____
  898. If I Ever I would Leave You ....
  899. If I had a hammer......
  900. If I had a million dollars
  901. If I had a time machine...
  902. If I had more time, I would...
  903. If I lived in Ancient Rome ...
  904. If I lived in prehistoric times ...
  905. If I was in charge of Marriott Hotels
  906. If I were a carpenter, I'd ...
  907. If I were in Brazil right now ...
  908. If I won the lottery
  909. If it weren't for _____ I would _____
  910. If money were no object, what would you do all day
  911. If only I had known.......when I was younger
  912. If the Homeowners Assn is called this - don't buy in
  913. If the South had won the Civil War
  914. If you came with a warning label what would it be?
  915. If you can't be with the one you love, ...
  916. If you can stay calm during ______, that's cool.
  917. If you could be anything
  918. If you could turn back time
  919. If you could turn back time.
  920. If you had a sitcom, what would it be called?
  921. If you want my opinion, ...
  922. If you want to ____, you'll need to ____
  923. If you were in the Odd Couple, who would the other person be?
  924. Important (real) invention
  925. Important story in the news
  926. Impractical inventions
  927. In a better world ...
  928. In a movie about your life, who would play you?
  929. In a recent study, it was found that men generally ...
  930. In a recent study, it was found that women generally ...
  931. In an Insane Asylum ...
  932. In line for concert tickets ...
  933. In MY family, we ALWAYS ...
  934. In MY family, we NEVER ...
  935. In my garage, I ...
  936. In the future ...
  937. In the future, cars will ...
  938. In the future, I will ____ more often.
  939. In the grocery store
  940. In the mail today ...
  941. In the old days...
  942. In town today, a guy was pushing a wheelbarrow with ____ in it
  943. Inappropriate places to start dancing
  944. Include a color and a number
  945. Include a Disney Villain
  946. Incomprehensible title of a science dissertation
  947. India
  948. Indication lawyer has no idea what he's doing
  949. Indication someone has too MUCH money
  950. Indication you are no longer "cool"
  951. Indication your blind date is a real cheapskate
  952. Indication your boss is sexist
  953. Indication your doctor missed some classes in med school
  954. Indication your dog sled supplier is unreliable
  955. Indication your kid is in trouble
  956. Indication your lawyer is bad
  957. Indication your marriage is in trouble
  958. Indication your upcoming marriage might not be a good idea
  959. Ingredients in your perfect homemade soup
  960. Inlaws
  961. Insects
  962. Insensitive greeting card sayings
  963. Insight from your child
  964. Insult your boss
  965. Internet site you don't tell people you like
  966. Internet sites to avoid.
  967. Invisible Persons Meeting Agenda Item
  968. ISP you would switch to
  969. It's a bad hair day when...
  970. It's a long way from here to .....
  971. It's a shame kids today are all involved with ...
  972. It's always darkest before......
  973. It's never a good time for ...
  974. It's never to late to ...
  975. It's not Georgia on your mind, it's ....
  976. It's not you, it's...
  977. It's the last day of your life. What do you realize?
  978. It's two hours before the wedding, and ...
  979. It does NOT take a village to ...
  980. It really bothered me hearing my husband say ...
  981. It really bothered me hearing my wife say ...
  982. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
  983. It takes ___ to ___
  984. It takes two to ____
  985. It took me 3 tries to succeed at ...
  986. It was surprising when the vet said your dog ...
  987. Item common in homes "back then" which no longer exists
  988. Item from your Bucket List
  989. Items in your dowry (offered or received)
  990. Japan
  991. Jeopardy categories
  992. Jet lag
  993. Jimmy Dean says buy my sausages because they're ...
  994. Jobs you wish you could do
  995. John Lennon
  996. Jolly Olde England
  997. Judge Judy
  998. Kids these days - I just don't know ...
  999. Kids today ...
  1000. Kids today will never know what _______ was like.
  1001. Kindergarten lesson learned which is still of use now
  1002. King Kong
  1003. Kitchen disaster
  1004. Kitchen mishaps
  1005. Knock knock ... who's there?
  1006. Las Vegas' new motto is ...
  1007. Last commandment you broke
  1008. Last commandment your broke
  1009. Last night I....
  1010. Last thing you googled
  1011. Last thing you misplaced.
  1012. Last time I went on a date.....
  1013. Late at night, I like to ...
  1014. Laundromat mishap
  1015. Leadership
  1016. Least favorite city
  1017. Least favorite household chore
  1018. Legend has it that ...
  1019. Leonardo Da Vinci
  1020. Let me tell you about our 14 hour flight ....
  1021. Lies kids tell their parents
  1022. Lies on your resume'
  1023. Lies parents tell their kids
  1024. Life in the big city.
  1025. Life in the nunnery thee got to
  1026. Life is just a bowl of ...
  1027. Life is like a ...
  1028. Life of a professional acro player
  1029. Life on a submarine
  1030. Life was difficult for cavemen before ...
  1031. Life would be meaningless without ...
  1032. Line from a murder mystery
  1033. Line from a romance novel
  1034. Line from a sci-fi novel
  1035. Line in your will that caused a commotion
  1036. Line(s) cut from Gone With the Wind
  1037. Line(s) cut from Titanic (movie)
  1038. Literature
  1039. London
  1040. Look out! In the sky, it's a....
  1041. Look! It's a.....
  1042. Look! That monkey is....
  1043. Looking around the basement, I was surprised to find ...
  1044. Looking out my window tonight, I saw ...
  1045. Losing weight
  1046. Love means never having to...
  1047. Lyric from your new number one pop song.
  1048. M * A * S * H
  1049. Magazine or newspaper you would never give up reading
  1050. Make up a charity and tell me why I want to donate.
  1051. Make up a goofy superhero
  1052. Make up a new dish for an Italian restaurant
  1053. Make up a new online game
  1054. Make up a proverb.
  1055. Make up an ending to Wizard of Oz
  1056. Makeup tip from Tammy Faye Bakker
  1057. Mama always said don't trust ...
  1058. Mammals
  1059. Mark Twain
  1060. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's ...
  1061. McDonalds changes its name to ...
  1062. Memory of a school dance
  1063. Message from God on your answering machine
  1064. Message in hallmark card for not getting a job
  1065. Message left for Obama on his answering machine
  1066. Message left for the Queen on her answering machine
  1067. Message left for Trump on his answering machine
  1068. Message left for you on your answering machine
  1069. Message on your T-shirt
  1070. Message received from first person to land on Mars
  1071. Mexico
  1072. Mid-life crisis
  1073. Mirror, Mirror on the wall ...
  1074. Mirrors
  1075. Mishaps at the gas pumps.
  1076. Mishaps in the doctor's office
  1077. Mishaps in the emergency room
  1078. Moby Dick
  1079. Moby Dick
  1080. Modern technology.
  1081. Mom, for the 5th time...!
  1082. Mommy, Mommy, wake up, I....
  1083. Mondays
  1084. Money
  1085. Morning routine
  1086. Mornings
  1087. Most important item in your lost wallet
  1088. Most useful thing that you own
  1089. Motto for a grocery store chain
  1090. Motto for Iceland
  1091. Movie or TV stars
  1092. Movies
  1093. Mr T
  1094. Muhammid Ali
  1095. Mummies
  1096. Music
  1097. Musical group or person from your era
  1098. Musical instruments
  1099. Musicals
  1100. My _____ broke down, now I can't ____
  1101. My biggest problem is ...
  1102. My car broke down, so to get to work, I ...
  1103. My date was so ugly, I ...
  1104. My doctor told me ...
  1105. My doctor told me to stop ...
  1106. My dog's so old that he....
  1107. My flight would have been better if ...
  1108. My grandpa was ...
  1109. My husband confessed to me..
  1110. My lawyer advised me not to ...
  1111. My lawyer advised me to ...
  1112. My life can be summed up in these few words...
  1113. My mom always said ...
  1114. My mom freaked when she looked at my browser history and found...
  1115. My mom told me I never should ...
  1116. My Mom told me I should never have married this person because ...
  1117. My neighbors think I'm strange when I...
  1118. My new political party the ____ Party stands for _____
  1119. My parents finally told me that ...
  1120. My partner doesn't know that ...
  1121. My secret personality
  1122. My Therapist told me I need to ____
  1123. My therapist told me to...
  1124. My Uber driver told me ...
  1125. My wife always tells me not to ...
  1126. My wife confessed to me..
  1127. My wife shocked me when she said......
  1128. Name a new cocktail and describe it
  1129. Name a new medicine and tell what it's for
  1130. Name a REAL Product and its function
  1131. Name and describe a new Starbucks drink.
  1132. Name and describe a new wine.
  1133. Name and describe that newly discovered dinosaur
  1134. Name and describe the exercise machine you designed
  1135. Name and title, like "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective"
  1136. Name for a store that sells chocolates and chocolate goods
  1137. Name for your chess club.
  1138. Name for your new restaurant
  1139. Name for your new Wedding Planning business
  1140. Name of a bad seafood restaurant
  1141. Name of a new law
  1142. Name of a new puzzle
  1143. Name of a pest control company
  1144. Name of a security company
  1145. Name of a surefire hit song
  1146. Name of a tawdry romance novel
  1147. Name of an opera you would never go to
  1148. Name of golf course you built
  1149. Name of hotel not to hold a conference at
  1150. Name of new government agency
  1151. Name of small town newspaper
  1152. Name of the cowboy association
  1153. Name of the new #1 hit song by "Exploding Eardrums"
  1154. Name of tv's new hit show and what it's about
  1155. Name of your failed rock band
  1156. Name of your failed TV cooking show
  1157. Name of your laundry business
  1158. Name of your new B-and-B
  1159. Name Of Your New Bar
  1160. Name of your new business
  1161. Name of your new dance school
  1162. Name of your new giraffe
  1163. Name of your new holiday cooking show.
  1164. Name of your NEW medication and what it's for.
  1165. Name of your new rock band
  1166. Name of your new second hand store.
  1167. Name of your new Square Dance Song
  1168. Name of your new store
  1169. Name of your new vegan restaurant.
  1170. Name of your private detective agency
  1171. Name of your Roller Derby Team
  1172. Name of your surefire moneymaking business
  1173. Name you would give to your self-driving car
  1174. Name your new DIY show.
  1175. Neighbors
  1176. Nevada's new state motto
  1177. Never ...
  1178. Never do today what you can.......
  1179. New
  1180. New coffee sizes at Starbucks
  1181. New ending on a Disney movie
  1182. New England
  1183. New England states
  1184. New euphemisms for marijuana
  1185. New government department
  1186. New name for AARP (retirement society)
  1187. New name for auto club AAA
  1188. New name for Buckingham Palace
  1189. New name for FEMA (the emergency aid agency)
  1190. New proposed regulation that would be just too much
  1191. New sport for the Winter Olympics
  1192. New state motto for Iowa
  1193. New State Motto for New Jersey
  1194. New techonology (real or imagined) we really don't need
  1195. New way to start a fire
  1196. New York City
  1197. Next J.K Rowling book, Harry Potter and the...
  1198. Next Stephen King novel will be ...
  1199. Next time I go to Texas, I'm going to....
  1200. Next time, on Dr. Phil
  1201. No I'm not pregnant, I just...
  1202. No more money, now we are being paid with...
  1203. No, I will not ...
  1204. Nosey neighbors
  1205. Not sure I want to use the Urgent Care place called ...
  1206. Note from teacher to parent
  1207. Note in a bottle
  1208. Note left on your windshield said:
  1209. Nothing shocks me except...
  1210. Novel use for Windex
  1211. Now what was the reason I got married?
  1212. Obsolete technology
  1213. Occasion(s) for which there are no Hallmark Cards
  1214. Odd animals to have as pets.
  1215. Odd dinner you make with what you had
  1216. Odd name for a bookstore
  1217. Odd name for a brand of toilet paper
  1218. Odd name for a funeral parlor
  1219. Odd name for a hair salon/ barbershop
  1220. Odd name for a summer camp
  1221. Odd name for a wedding venue
  1222. Odd name for a window washing company
  1223. Odd name for an art studio.
  1224. Odd names for new See's Candies
  1225. Odd online ad items.
  1226. Odd phrase to wear on a T-shirt
  1227. Odd places to spread your ashes
  1228. Odd thing that happened when you were driving.
  1229. Odd thing you found in your hotel room.
  1230. Odd title for a Travel Guide
  1231. Odd way to reprimand a child.
  1232. Oddest thing in your refrigerator
  1233. Oh no my Roomba is...
  1234. Oh, man ....
  1235. Old
  1236. Old TV shows
  1237. OMG It's a bear! (now what?)
  1238. OMG! My kid just told his teacher that we ...
  1239. Ominous headline
  1240. On a bachelor's shopping list
  1241. On a cruise to Alaska
  1242. On a Greyhound bus
  1243. On a Rainy Day or Monday, I usually ....
  1244. On a typical day at work, I ...
  1245. On an island
  1246. On banner at a car dealer
  1247. On my first time at a casino ...
  1248. On my trip to Antarctica ...
  1249. On my trip to Mexico, ....
  1250. On my way to work today ...
  1251. On no! They're making ____ illegal now!
  1252. On the farm
  1253. On the menu at a weird Chinese restaurant
  1254. On the menu at a weird Italian restaurant
  1255. On the Next Episode of the Golden Girls
  1256. On the road to ...
  1257. On the road to .... I encountered ....
  1258. On the street where you live ...
  1259. On this week's episode of Wild Ferocious Beasts ...
  1260. On today's "As the World Churns" ...
  1261. Once upon a time ...
  1262. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away ...
  1263. Once upon a time, there was a ...
  1264. One day, you find a horse and buggy in your garage and your car is gone
  1265. One of your all-time favorite songs
  1266. One Olympic sport you'd be worst at
  1267. Online dating
  1268. Only God can make a ...
  1269. Oops! I just texted this message to my boss:
  1270. Oops, yOou accidentally sent the Chippendales to Grandma's birthday party
  1271. Opening words of your autobiography
  1272. Opera
  1273. Optimism
  1274. Original movie title followed by a better one
  1275. Orville and Wilbur Wright
  1276. Other uses for a book besides reading.
  1277. Our recent family reunion is the LAST ... because ..
  1278. Out of everyone in the world who would be your running mate in 2020
  1279. Outer space stuff
  1280. Outgoing message on Obama's answering machine
  1281. Outgoing message on the Queen's answering machine
  1282. Outgoing message on Trump's answering machine
  1283. Outgoing message on your answering machine
  1284. Overheard on Noah's Ark
  1285. Oy! Have I got troubles.
  1286. Pain relief options
  1287. Painful or uncomfortable thing to wear
  1288. Pander (acro about one or more of the players)
  1289. Pardon me, do you happen to have ...
  1290. Parent left speechless when teacher said this
  1291. Paris
  1292. Parrots
  1293. Parties
  1294. Passing the buck.
  1295. Peanut butter
  1296. Peanuts comic strip
  1297. Pets
  1298. Pick-up line used by a nerd
  1299. Picture yourself (doing this ...)
  1300. Picture yourself in ...
  1301. Pigs are flying! What has happened?
  1302. Pinocchio is dead, what do we do with the body?
  1303. Pizza
  1304. Pizza place to avoid
  1305. Place your trust in ...
  1306. Places wrecked by too many tourists visiting
  1307. Plane, train, or automobile?
  1308. Planets
  1309. Playground bullies
  1310. Plot of a Lassie episode
  1311. Plot of movie which, surprisingly, has Oprah in it
  1312. Plot of movie which, surprisingly, has Tom Cruise in it
  1313. Politics
  1314. Pompous dog name
  1315. Poor gambling strategy.
  1316. Poorly translated instruction manual
  1317. Poorly written love letter
  1318. Pose a question and answer it
  1319. Pretend you know something about physics.
  1320. Prince Charming came by today ... but ..
  1321. Private message mishaps
  1322. Problem at a gas station
  1323. Problem rich people have that the rest of us don't have
  1324. Problem with laundry
  1325. Pros or cons of boat ownership
  1326. Pros or cons of commuting by bus
  1327. Pros or cons of using a discount pharmacy
  1328. Pros/cons of a prenuptial agreement
  1329. Provide an inspirational quote
  1330. Public transportation
  1331. Purchases on amazon that you regretted
  1332. Puzzling Road Sign
  1333. Pyramids
  1334. Qualities important in a boss
  1335. Qualities important in a employee
  1336. Qualities important in a judge
  1337. Question(s) you'd like to ask God
  1338. Rainbows
  1339. Rainstorms
  1340. Reaction to your hand with 5 kings in poker game
  1341. Reason they said your internet bill is increasing
  1342. Reason to buy a new outfit
  1343. Reason to go for a walk.
  1344. Reason you had to order an Uber
  1345. Reasons to break up
  1346. Reasons to get a new car.
  1347. Reasons to get married - or not.
  1348. Reasons to go out to eat
  1349. Reasons to move house
  1350. Recipe for disaster
  1351. Recurring nightmare you have
  1352. Redneck gift ideas.
  1353. Regrets expressed on your deathbed
  1354. Regrettable neck tattoo
  1355. Rejected ad slogan for Charmin
  1356. Rejected Bible book(s)
  1357. Rejected Birthday Party Theme
  1358. Rejected Breakfast Cereal
  1359. Rejected crayon color(s)
  1360. Rejected Disney movie title
  1361. Rejected Girl Scout Cookie varieties
  1362. Rejected Hallmark Birthday Card message
  1363. Rejected ice cream flavors
  1364. Rejected idea for TV Game Show
  1365. Rejected James Bond movie title(s)
  1366. Rejected name for TV Game Show
  1367. Rejected names for hair styles
  1368. Rejected Olympic Event(s)
  1369. Rejected romance movie titles
  1370. Rejected show titles before they settled on "Friends"
  1371. Rejected Slogan for a Candy Shop
  1372. Rejected snack food ideas
  1373. Rejected Theme Park ideas
  1374. Remember the ____, because ...
  1375. Renewable energy
  1376. Rental car problem
  1377. Rental car problem
  1378. Reptiles
  1379. Request your last meal
  1380. Requirements you put in your post for a date
  1381. Revenge is .....
  1382. Revenge is a dish best served ...
  1383. Rich people
  1384. Right way to ask for a raise
  1385. Road trip
  1386. Road Trip Disaster
  1387. Rock music
  1388. Rocky & Bullwinkle
  1389. Roses are red, violets are blue ... (and the rest is up to you)
  1390. Rude comment by waiter
  1391. Rumor has it....
  1392. Russia
  1393. Sadly, it's true that ...
  1394. Sarah Palin
  1395. Satan's outgoing answering machine.
  1396. Say, what do you call that hairdo?
  1397. Scandal at the Funeral Home
  1398. Scary Fortune Cookie sayings
  1399. Scary headline
  1400. Science
  1401. Scientists should be working on ...
  1402. Scientology
  1403. Scuba diving
  1404. Secret you're keeping
  1405. Seeing a homeless person asking for money today, I ...
  1406. Sesame Street
  1407. Shocking graduation speech
  1408. Shopping at a high-end store (Neiman-Marcus, Harrod's, etc.)
  1409. Show off your vocabulary about cars
  1410. Side effects may include ...
  1411. Sign at the entrance to Heaven
  1412. Sign at the entrance to Hell
  1413. Sign it will not be a good day
  1414. Sign of a corrupt politician
  1415. Sign of a dishonest lawyer
  1416. Sign of mental decilne in an older person
  1417. Sign on ancient pyramid
  1418. Sign on entrance to amusement park
  1419. Sign on entrance to casino
  1420. Sign on Entrance to the Massage Parlor
  1421. Sign on store window
  1422. Sign on the Closed bathroom
  1423. Sign on the Closed Church
  1424. Sign on the closed nuclear reactor facility
  1425. Sign on the Closed Pet Grooming Shop
  1426. Sign on the closed satellite company door
  1427. Sign on the Entrance to the Nuclear Plant
  1428. Sign on your bathroom door
  1429. Sign on your bedroom door
  1430. Sign on your front door
  1431. Sign posted in your kitchen
  1432. Sign you're on the wrong road to success
  1433. Sign you had too much to drink
  1434. Sign you saw at the airport
  1435. Sign your date didn't go to charm school
  1436. Sign(s) you might see on Noah's Ark
  1437. Signs of cheating at poker
  1438. Signs that you're not getting enough sleep
  1439. Signs the referee is being bribed.
  1440. Signs you're getting old.
  1441. Signs you are "losing it"
  1442. Signs you are about to be fired
  1443. Signs you are under a voodoo curse.
  1444. Signs you aren't cool anymore.
  1445. Signs you need a life
  1446. Signs you need your medication increased.
  1447. Signs you use your VISA card too much
  1448. Signs your era has passed into the bygone
  1449. Signs your house is haunted
  1450. Signs your neighbor's dog is possessed
  1451. Signs your roommate is a terrorist.
  1452. Signs your roommate is an undercover FBI agent
  1453. Sitcom premise doomed to fail
  1454. Situation where the odds seem stacked against you
  1455. Skiing accident
  1456. Sleeping in
  1457. Slogan for a funeral home
  1458. Slogan for a Tanning Salon
  1459. Slogan for the Dog Grooming Place
  1460. Slogan for your cleaning business.
  1461. Small town newspaper headlines
  1462. Smile
  1463. Snooty family's name for their cat
  1464. So this guy brought his ___ on our date which really freaked me out
  1465. Soaring prices. how to economize
  1466. Someone you saw at a casino
  1467. Something (other than a boat) you'd want on a desert island
  1468. Something a burglar wouldn't want to see when breaking into a house
  1469. Something better than being rich
  1470. Something every household should have
  1471. Something fancy you can't afford
  1472. Something for which there is just no explanation
  1473. Something helps you get to sleep
  1474. Something in your house you need to get rid of
  1475. Something ineffective to bring to a gunfight
  1476. Something joyful
  1477. Something only rich people say
  1478. Something regrettable a college kid did on spring break
  1479. Something surprising you found in your fridge.
  1480. Something that is no more
  1481. Something that makes you really mad.
  1482. Something that technology has made obsolete
  1483. Something wise your mother said that thought otherwise of then
  1484. Something you'd buy if you could afford it
  1485. Something you can do to help the environment
  1486. Something you don't want to hear your pilot say
  1487. Something you have vowed never to do
  1488. Something you imagined
  1489. Something you should get rid of
  1490. Something you should never do while driving
  1491. Something you should never take lightly
  1492. Something you tried once, and then swore off doing ever again
  1493. Something you try not to eat anymore
  1494. Something you would undo if you could
  1495. Something your parents told you not to waste
  1496. Sometimes I feel ...
  1497. Sometimes I wish that ....
  1498. Sometimes I wish that ....
  1499. Somone you'd like to interview
  1500. Songs by the hit band Mama's Armpit
  1501. Soon to be published: Harry Potter and the ....
  1502. Sorry everyone, I just ...
  1503. Sorry, I can't _____ because I _____
  1504. South America
  1505. Spam phone call you got
  1506. Specific kind of fish
  1507. Speeding ticket
  1508. Sports
  1509. Sports betting
  1510. Sputnik
  1511. Stage fright
  1512. Standin' on the corner, watchin' all the ... go by.
  1513. Star Wars
  1514. Statue you have in your yard
  1515. Stay calm and ...
  1516. Steven Spielberg movies
  1517. Strange bumper sticker
  1518. Strange name for a university
  1519. Strange opening of a sermon
  1520. Strange prescription taking instructions
  1521. Strange sighting in space
  1522. Strange thing an ER nurse might see.
  1523. Strange thing the minister said during wedding ceremony
  1524. Strange things to fill a pinata with
  1525. Strange tombstone inscription
  1526. Strangest places to acro
  1527. Strangest thing asked at your job interview
  1528. Strangest thing in your closet
  1529. Strangest thing you believe in
  1530. Stuck in traffic
  1531. Stupid celebrities
  1532. Stupid criminal blunder
  1533. Stupid Sally is so stupid, she thinks a ____ is a ______.
  1534. Stupidest thing you did as a teenager
  1535. Suggested new Bible book
  1536. Suggested new Girl Scout cookie variety.
  1537. Summer camp
  1538. Summer olympics
  1539. Sunsets
  1540. Suprising thing to see on the front of a bus
  1541. Suprising thing you learned at your HS reunion
  1542. Surefire ways to terrify your neighbors
  1543. Surprising thing you learned about your parents after they died
  1544. Suspicious sounding charity
  1545. Synopsis of your screenplay which was rejected by every studio
  1546. Tabloid headlines.
  1547. Tailgating (on the highway)
  1548. Taking the school bus
  1549. Talk a lion out of eating you
  1550. Talk yourself out of a job...
  1551. Tattoo you are contemplating getting
  1552. Tattooed on your forehead
  1553. Teacher called parent to say ....
  1554. Teachers
  1555. Tell me again why we are broke.
  1556. Tell us a big fat lie
  1557. Tell us a high school memory
  1558. Tell us about the new business you just opened
  1559. Texas
  1560. Texas' new state motto
  1561. Text message sent to (dad,mom) meant for (boy,girl)friend.
  1562. Text message you wish you hadn't sent to your boss
  1563. Text of a very unusual ad on Craigslist
  1564. That's how I want to die.
  1565. That's it! I'm never going to _____ ever again!
  1566. That daring young man on the flying trapeze
  1567. That doesn't look like coffee in that mug! What're you drinking?
  1568. That new barbeque place opened in town, and I ...
  1569. The 'truth' about men
  1570. The 'truth' about women
  1571. The 1920's
  1572. The 1930's
  1573. The 1960's
  1574. The Arctic
  1575. The Beatles
  1576. The benefits of a walk in the woods.
  1577. The best car brand is ....
  1578. The best day of your life
  1579. The best part of waking up is ...
  1580. The best thing about having a pet
  1581. The best thing about your smile
  1582. The best US city is ...
  1583. The boss was being very far sighted when he said ...
  1584. The British Royal Family
  1585. The charm of "Country Roads"
  1586. The countryside
  1587. The curse that witch put on you
  1588. The days when airlines served real food
  1589. The devil made me do it
  1590. The doctor called you a hypochondriac because you thought ...
  1591. The doctor said your new disease is ...
  1592. The escape of which animal from the zoo terrifies you the most
  1593. The feeling when you forget to vote here
  1594. The Final Jeopardy question that cost you the game
  1595. The first day at work I told the boss ...
  1596. The first time you tried ____, ...
  1597. The Flintstones
  1598. The future
  1599. The Great Lakes
  1600. The IKEA Experience
  1601. The key to a happy marriage
  1602. The last time I flew on Maybe airlines, ...
  1603. The last time I went to Disneyland...
  1604. The line at the grocery store was long because
  1605. The Loch Ness Monster
  1606. The lost and found office didn't know what to do with ...
  1607. The most outrageous thing on Facebook today.
  1608. The most ridiculous fact that you know
  1609. The night is young. What are your plans?
  1610. The Old West
  1611. The only job you could get at the restaurant was ...
  1612. The only thing we have to fear is ...
  1613. The perfect place to retire has ...
  1614. The plot of the TV show you'd like to star in
  1615. The pre-Industrial Age when life was simpler.
  1616. The problem with being poor is ...
  1617. The real-life role your were born to play
  1618. The reason you went to work without socks.
  1619. The results are in and you are...
  1620. The road to ____ is paved with _____
  1621. The secret to a long healthy life.
  1622. The Self-check out line
  1623. The Simpsons
  1624. The Solar System
  1625. The Sound of Music musical
  1626. The Stock Market
  1627. The talent you would show the world
  1628. The theatrical role your were born to play
  1629. The Titanic
  1630. The title of your autobiography
  1631. The title of your dissertation
  1632. The tortoise cheated to beat the hare, how?
  1633. The treasure I found at the yard sale.
  1634. The Trial of the Century WILL be about ...
  1635. The trick that helped your dog win the show
  1636. The truth will ...
  1637. The TSA inspector asked WHY you have a ________ in your bag
  1638. The US Midwest
  1639. The US Supreme Court
  1640. The USA expands west in the 1800's
  1641. The username you wished you had created for Acro.
  1642. The water under the bridge was troubled becasue ....
  1643. The way to a man's heart is....
  1644. The weather suddenly turns cold
  1645. The Wild West
  1646. The world ends tomorrow, what do you do today?
  1647. The worst job you ever had.
  1648. The worst thing about a hospital stay is ...
  1649. The writing on the wall...
  1650. Theme for a school dance
  1651. There's an app for that
  1652. They had to cancel the big parade because
  1653. They say "Breaking up is hard to do", but I found you can easily ...
  1654. Things not to say at a family reunion
  1655. Things not to say at a funeral
  1656. Things not to say at a high school reunion
  1657. Things not to say at a wedding
  1658. Things not to say at an airport
  1659. Things not to say when interviewing a job seeker
  1660. Things you are grateful for
  1661. Things you found at a garage sale.
  1662. Things you learned from your parrots [BIRDS!]
  1663. Thinking about my life, I finally realized ...
  1664. This always makes me smile.
  1665. This friend of mine always shows up late
  1666. This guy was so fat ...
  1667. This guy was so ugly ...
  1668. This job is just too much sometimes
  1669. This was such a long day becuuse......
  1670. Those OTHER Acro sites are pretty ...
  1671. Thou shalt not ...
  1672. Thoughts as you lay in bed at night
  1673. Time of day you enjoy the most
  1674. Time will tell ... but what?
  1675. Tips & Tricks for a winning game
  1676. Tips for living a 100 years.
  1677. Title (and maybe subtitle) of a book by Barbie
  1678. Title of a bad love song
  1679. Title of a bad romance novel
  1680. Title of a history book for our era
  1681. Title of a movie you could star in
  1682. Title of a musical
  1683. Title of a musical about your life
  1684. Title of a mystery novel
  1685. Title of one page book.
  1686. Title of song you wrote that became a hit
  1687. Title of the book you just wrote.
  1688. Title of the essay your 4th grader just wrote
  1689. Title of your Best Selling Acro Book
  1690. Title of your best selling Acro Tip book
  1691. Title of your best selling cookbook
  1692. Title of your Book on Fiscal Responsibility
  1693. Title of Your Financial Self Help Book
  1694. Title of your new book "HOW I..."
  1695. Title of your new self-help book
  1696. Title of your odd book of poems
  1697. Title of your Op-Ed to your local paper
  1698. Title of your podcast
  1699. Title or first line of your new gospel song
  1700. To be honest, you ...
  1701. To be honest, you ought to know that you ...
  1702. To keep up with the Joneses, we bought a ...
  1703. To lead a good life, you need ...
  1704. Today at the grocery store
  1705. Today at the grocery store your bagger....
  1706. Today at the store, I was really embarrassed when ...
  1707. Today I saw a policeman ... (do this)
  1708. Today on Twitter someone said
  1709. Today, for the first time ever, I ...
  1710. Today, I found $100 on the street, and immediately I ...
  1711. Today, on the corner of my street, ....
  1712. Today, you found yourself to be invisible
  1713. Topic for a 6th grade debate
  1714. Topic(s) no one wants to acro about
  1715. Total nonsense using $10 words
  1716. Toto, were not in Kansas anymore, where are we?
  1717. Tough decision to make
  1718. Tourist agency motto for Bali
  1719. Traffic
  1720. Traffic tickets
  1721. Travel back in time and tell your parents how to raise you
  1722. TSA guidelines now prohibit __________ on airplanes.
  1723. Turning 60 is like ...
  1724. TV
  1725. TV character meets Movie character
  1726. TV commercials
  1727. Twitter: force for good or evil?
  1728. Two line conversation between a Liberal and an Conservative
  1729. Two line dialog between fighting couple
  1730. Uh-oh, I forgot to bring ...
  1731. Uh-oh, I messed up again. How?
  1732. Ultimate made-up ice cream flavors
  1733. Unacceptable Jeopardy category
  1734. Uncoventional ways to catch a fish
  1735. Under the sea
  1736. Undiscovered book by Charles Dickens
  1737. Unexpected use for duct tape
  1738. Unfair employment practice of big company
  1739. Unfortunate occurrences
  1740. Unfounded childhood belief
  1741. Unhealthy, but effective, way to lose weight
  1742. Unicorns
  1743. Unkeepable campaign promise
  1744. Unpopular toys
  1745. Unsolicited Advice you gave and to who
  1746. Unsolved mystery you'd like to see resolved
  1747. Unusual new diet.
  1748. Unusual pet choice
  1749. Unusual pie recipe
  1750. Unusual sight at the bank drive-up
  1751. Unusual tricks your dog can do
  1752. Unusual use for duct tape
  1753. Unwritten rule at work
  1754. US presidents
  1755. US state or Canadian province
  1756. Use a Shakespearean reference.
  1757. Use a word that has likely never been used before in Acrozilla.
  1758. Use at least one foreign word
  1759. Use words with double letters
  1760. Use words with lots and lots of L's
  1761. Use words with lots and lots of M's
  1762. Use words with lots and lots of R's
  1763. Use words with lots and lots of S's
  1764. Use words with lots and lots of T's
  1765. Usefulness of knowing more than one language
  1766. Vacation disaster.
  1767. Walmart
  1768. Warning label on a video game
  1769. Warning sticker that shouldn't really be needed
  1770. Washing your dog
  1771. Watercooler gossip ...
  1772. Way(s) to annoy a librarian
  1773. Way(s) to entertain children when traveling
  1774. Way(s) to make a few extra bucks
  1775. Ways to avoid a virus
  1776. Ways to make extra money
  1777. We're about to have triplets? that news is ....
  1778. We're having a party to celebrate ...
  1779. We need to replace our ____ because _____
  1780. We needed to marry because
  1781. We were having Fun Fun Fun til her daddy took ____ away
  1782. Weather disasters
  1783. Website you visited that the FBI is now interested in
  1784. Wedding cake decorator's embarrassing mistake
  1785. Wedding drama
  1786. Wedding ruined by ...
  1787. Weird road sign
  1788. Weird thing found at Home Depot
  1789. Weird thing you saw on the supermarket shelf
  1790. Well-known mountains
  1791. Well known city outside the US
  1792. What's at the end of the rainbow?
  1793. What's for dinner?
  1794. What's in your fridge?
  1795. What's one of your desires?
  1796. What's that in the sky?
  1797. What's that sound?
  1798. What's the best part of your current automobile?
  1799. What's under the bed?
  1800. What's up, Doc?
  1801. What's wrong with your car?
  1802. What's wrong?
  1803. What's your beef?
  1804. What's your best feature?
  1805. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
  1806. What (real or fake) spy gadget would you love to have
  1807. What 8-year-old Johnny brought home from school
  1808. What a "break up text" might say.
  1809. What a 10-year-old would buy if he could
  1810. What a bartender heard from a patron
  1811. What a minister did, causing a scandal
  1812. What a minister said, causing a scandal
  1813. What a minister wore, causing a scandal
  1814. What a monk might say after a year of silence
  1815. What a policeman did, causing a scandal
  1816. What a policeman said, causing a scandal
  1817. What a teacher did, causing a scandal
  1818. What a teacher said, causing a scandal
  1819. What a teacher wore, causing a scandal
  1820. What ants really think about humans
  1821. WHAT are you hiding behind you?
  1822. WHAT are you hiding in your closet?
  1823. What are you protesting?
  1824. What are you so mad about?
  1825. What bad thing happened on your first sky dive?
  1826. What Brazil and Nepal are at war about
  1827. What breaks your heart
  1828. What building they asked you to lay the cornerstone of
  1829. What can you get for a quarter these days?
  1830. What caused the panic at the disco?
  1831. What caused your bankruptcy
  1832. What celebrity do you most resemble?
  1833. What character trait do you share with your favorite animal
  1834. What climber said after reaching mountain peak
  1835. What competition did you enter?
  1836. What concerns you
  1837. What contest did you LOSE
  1838. What contest did you win?
  1839. What did Alexa answer, when you asked "what are you wearing?"
  1840. What did Goldilocks really want?
  1841. What did Hazmat the Cat do to wreck your kitchen?
  1842. What did Rip Van Winkle say upon waking up after 20 years?
  1843. What did the burglars steal from the 7-11?
  1844. What did the fortune teller reveal to you?
  1845. What did the grammar police tell you?
  1846. What did the interior designer tell you?
  1847. What did the note on your windshield say
  1848. What did the nurse tell the doctor?
  1849. What did they make better in olden days?
  1850. What did you accidentally give to Goodwill
  1851. What did you accomplish today?
  1852. What did you and Grandma talk about?
  1853. What did you bake for the baking contest
  1854. What did you see at WalMart?
  1855. What did your breakup text read?
  1856. What did your S.O. do now?
  1857. What distraction caused your car accident?
  1858. What do people assume about you by your appearance
  1859. What do whales do all day?
  1860. What do you mean, you forgot to vote?
  1861. What do you want but can't have?
  1862. What do you welcome new neighbors with?
  1863. What does a celebrity's assistant do?
  1864. What does God look like?
  1865. What does your coffee mug say?
  1866. What does your dating profile say?
  1867. What does your talking chicken say?
  1868. What eliminates an acro from getting your vote
  1869. What emergency was Lassie trying to communicate
  1870. What every man likes to hear
  1871. What every woman likes to hear
  1872. What everyone seems to love but you don't
  1873. What gets better with age?
  1874. What God needs to know
  1875. What God told you in Heaven
  1876. What Granny did at Bingo Night
  1877. What happened at the bank today?
  1878. What happened at the dog show?
  1879. What happened at the library
  1880. What happened in Vegas...
  1881. What happened on Day One to your new car
  1882. What happened to you after actually Rockin' Around the Clock for 24 hrs?
  1883. What happened to your clothes?
  1884. What happened to your face?
  1885. What happened when Price is Right picked someone at random
  1886. What happened when you did your grocery shopping on skates
  1887. What happened when you rented a scooter
  1888. What I'd do with $500 I found on the street
  1889. What I asked the flight attendant.
  1890. What I saw out my window
  1891. What instrument you've always wanted to play
  1892. What is in the trunk of the used car you bought?
  1893. What is on your protest sign?
  1894. What is on your Vanity License Plate
  1895. What is our Earth thinking?
  1896. What is printed on your infant's onesie
  1897. What is the lesser known 8th deadly sin?
  1898. What is written on your grandpa's shirt
  1899. What it says on your coffee mug
  1900. What kind of character would you like to play in a movie?
  1901. What made you go to the doctor
  1902. What made you mad at work?
  1903. What made your day
  1904. What made your day
  1905. What made your day (better)
  1906. What major purchase are you hiding from your significant other
  1907. What makes 'spring chickens' so special?...
  1908. What makes a great chef?
  1909. What makes a newspaper good
  1910. What makes ducks mad
  1911. What makes you happy?
  1912. What makes you think you're so smart?
  1913. What Martians say on arrival
  1914. What might make this A Wonderful World
  1915. What mistake you made today
  1916. What mundane duty did they give you at work?
  1917. What must they have at your funeral?
  1918. What needs cleaning at your house?
  1919. What not to say at a job interview
  1920. What not to say on a first date.
  1921. What not to say to a cop
  1922. What not to say to your new Supervisor
  1923. What not to say when you are pulled over by a cop
  1924. What not to shout in church
  1925. What not to wear to a job interview.
  1926. What parent demanded a teacher be fired
  1927. What past event would you like to witness?
  1928. What prize did you win?
  1929. What question are you "asking for a friend"?
  1930. What real-life person would you be chosen to play in a movie?
  1931. What really gets me mad is ...
  1932. What really shook me up today was ...
  1933. What really ticks you off?
  1934. What Romania and the Philippines are at war about
  1935. What ruined the party?
  1936. What scam phone call did you get recently
  1937. What Simon Cowell said to you on that "Got Talent" show
  1938. What small thing can you do to make the World better
  1939. What stood out as the weirdest thing about your date?
  1940. What subject did you love or hate in school?
  1941. What teachers do off duty
  1942. What Thailand and Mexico are at war about
  1943. What the babysitter said your little brat did
  1944. What the couple is fighting about
  1945. What the doctor told you at last visit
  1946. What the hat you wore to a rally says
  1947. What the little devil on your shoulder whispered in your ear
  1948. What the neon sign over your front door says
  1949. What the pilot said over the intercom right before takeoff
  1950. What the rich guy did for homeless people
  1951. What the surgeon amputated by mistake
  1952. What the theme of your WACRO radio station is
  1953. What the Walmart greeter really wants to say to you
  1954. What the world needs now is....
  1955. What this party needs is ...
  1956. What to do after a botched Plastic Surgery
  1957. What to do when Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves are at your door?
  1958. What to do when lost in the forest
  1959. What to do when there are too many Toyotas for your garage
  1960. What to do when you get a confusing topic.
  1961. What to do when you hate your new glasses?
  1962. What to do when you have the house to yourself
  1963. What to do with no internet
  1964. What to do with your life savings
  1965. What to watch out for when playing poker with a guy named "Lucky"
  1966. What TSA found in your carry on bag
  1967. What unexpected delivery from Amazon came for you today?
  1968. What use do you have for a drone?
  1969. What was before the Big Bang?
  1970. What was caught on your nanny cam?
  1971. What was in the Amazon package you stole from your neighbor
  1972. What was in the package that was delivered today from Amazon?
  1973. What was in the time capsule you found in backyard
  1974. What was the lady in Walmart shouting?
  1975. What was the panic at the disco?
  1976. What was written in the thank you card you received?
  1977. What was your last nightmare about?
  1978. What was your last Spam email regarding
  1979. What were you arrested for?
  1980. What were you doing on the street corner last night?
  1981. What were you told as a child that turned out to be untrue
  1982. What will you be remembered for?
  1983. What will your legacy be?
  1984. What would add a little zip to your life
  1985. What would you do if Bigfoot confronted you?
  1986. What would you do if you received a gift you hated?
  1987. What would you do if you were God for the day?
  1988. What you'd stock up on in advance of a big storm and why
  1989. What you'd tell God after you enter Heaven
  1990. What you're doing at the beach
  1991. What you're really good at
  1992. What you are good at making
  1993. What you are too old to do
  1994. What you bought on Amazon and regret
  1995. What you bought on Amazon and then regretted
  1996. What you bought on clearance, but regretted later
  1997. What you bought too many of at Costco
  1998. What you did at the county fair
  1999. What you did on America's Got Talent that got you buzzed off the stage
  2000. What you did on your 1st day of work that got you fired
  2001. What you did on your last date
  2002. What you did to get those Super Bowl tickets.
  2003. What you did to your house that angered the neighbors
  2004. What you did when your SO stood you up at the altar
  2005. What you do every day that you're tired of doing.
  2006. What you do if your date's breath smells like onion.
  2007. What you do or don't do at the casino
  2008. What you do when you're frantic
  2009. What you do when your internet is down
  2010. What you forgot to bring on your camping trip
  2011. What you forgot to do yesterday
  2012. What you found in an ice cube while eating at a posh restaurant
  2013. What you found left in the copy machine when you lifted the lid
  2014. What you found on the beach
  2015. What you found on the street
  2016. What you found on your walk today.
  2017. What you found while mowing the lawn
  2018. What you got a prize for
  2019. What you had to return to Amazon.
  2020. What you had to testify in court about
  2021. What you have mastered by watching youtube videos
  2022. What you know about Los Angeles
  2023. What you know you should do, but don't do
  2024. What you learned from your Dad
  2025. What you learned how to do by watching a Youtube video
  2026. What you learned on Facebook
  2027. What you look for in a spouse
  2028. What you look for in buying a fridge
  2029. What you look for in choosing a doctor
  2030. What you made that won at the county fair
  2031. What you omitted to tell the doctor at your last visit
  2032. What you overheard about yourself from the workplace bathroom stall
  2033. What you overheard at your Dr.'s appt
  2034. What you said after leaving an opera performance
  2035. What you said to your angry significant other.
  2036. What you said when your kid fell on the ice
  2037. What you said when your neighbor bought a Tesla
  2038. What you saw at the beach
  2039. What you saw on Safari
  2040. What you saw on your security camera video
  2041. What you saw that made you say Ewwwww!
  2042. What you saw while driving on the freeway
  2043. What you saw while on safari
  2044. What you say arriving on moon
  2045. What you see after turning on a light
  2046. What you see in your crystal ball.
  2047. What you should ask someone before marrying them
  2048. What you should never do at a drive-thru
  2049. What you sold this year
  2050. What you talked about at the big family dinner
  2051. What you taught your dog to do.
  2052. What you tell your spouse you do everynight during acrozilla
  2053. What you tried to smuggle onto a plane
  2054. What you want your kid to grow up to be
  2055. What YOU wear to the gym
  2056. What you wish you were better at
  2057. What you won a gold medal for
  2058. What you won a Nobel Prize for
  2059. What you won on The Price is Right
  2060. What you won playing a game at the county fair
  2061. What you would ask God if he'd listen
  2062. What you would do if you were invisible
  2063. What you would do on a relaxing day.
  2064. What you would say if you saw someone famous.
  2065. What you would say to your 13 year old self
  2066. What you would tell your younger self about money
  2067. What you wrote on Twitter today.
  2068. What your 23AndMe test revealed
  2069. What your act is on "America's Got Talent"
  2070. What your blood test indicated
  2071. What your cat does while you're at work
  2072. What your doctor forbade
  2073. What your dog did to the neighbors
  2074. What your dog does while you're at work
  2075. What your ex says about you
  2076. What your GoFundMe campaign is for
  2077. What your kid did now
  2078. What your medical test revealed that surprised you
  2079. What your mom caught you doing
  2080. What your new company is selling
  2081. What your parents hid from you
  2082. What your partner doesn't know
  2083. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
  2084. Whatcha gonna do?
  2085. When a nerd can be good to have around
  2086. When a NYer arrives in small town Kansas
  2087. When a physical therapist goes rogue
  2088. When every acro gets the same number of votes
  2089. When I'm really hungry, I'd eat ....
  2090. When I didn't tip the pizza deliverer, he ...
  2091. When I got to the airport, I realized ...
  2092. When I grow up ...
  2093. When I see kids smoking, I want to ....
  2094. When I was a kid, we ...
  2095. When I was younger, I could easily ...
  2096. When in doubt....
  2097. When our second child was born, his older brother ....
  2098. When Queen Elizabeth II dies ...
  2099. When robots are doing everything ...
  2100. When someone meddles in your affairs, you ...
  2101. When someone you're meeting is late, ...
  2102. When the bakery was out of my favorite, I decided to ...
  2103. When the power goes out ...
  2104. When the seas rise. I will....
  2105. when the tooth fairy goes rogue...
  2106. When the twin to your acro gets more votes than yours
  2107. When the weather improves I'm going to ......
  2108. When the weather outside is frightful, ...
  2109. When things go wrong with your contractor
  2110. When things look bleak, I tell myself ...
  2111. When things look really bad, I just ...
  2112. When to give up ...
  2113. When WE were kids (something you could never do today)
  2114. When you don't understand the Acro topic
  2115. When you got on your talking scale, it said ...
  2116. When you got up to do karaoke, the crowd reacted how?
  2117. When you have 12 loads of laundry to do
  2118. When you haven't eaten for three days ...
  2119. When you make a joke to the bank teller about cold cash, what happens?
  2120. When you taped the Super Bowl over your wedding video
  2121. When you wish upon a star ...
  2122. When you wish upon a star ...
  2123. When your lawyer needs a lawyer, it means ...
  2124. When your very public marriage proposal is denied
  2125. Where's the beef?
  2126. Where's Waldo?
  2127. Where a teenager said he was (but really wasn't)
  2128. Where angels fear to tread
  2129. Where are the kids?
  2130. Where can I find the (wo)man of my dreams?
  2131. Where did I leave my keys?
  2132. Where did you lose your debit card
  2133. Where does your money go?
  2134. Where everybody knows your name ...
  2135. Where have all the flowers gone? (long time passing)
  2136. Where is Granny tonight?
  2137. Where not to whistle
  2138. Where would you hide treasure?
  2139. Where you would never go on a honeymoon.
  2140. Where your Winnebago broke down
  2141. Which animal would be for 24 hours?
  2142. Which state you'd most like to visit (and why)
  2143. While I was filling my car with gas ...
  2144. While I was golfing today ...
  2145. While in Vegas, I ...
  2146. While Joe was proposing marriage, Joe's parrot cried out, "____".
  2147. While you were away from your desk ...
  2148. Whipped cream on your ____. Really? (food ref.)
  2149. Who 'has left the building' ?
  2150. Who interrupted the wedding to say "They shouldn't get married"?
  2151. Who is at your door?
  2152. Who was the 8th dwarf that never got mentioned?
  2153. Who you'd take to a desert island.
  2154. Who you would like to entertain at your house?
  2155. Why a kid was tossed out of kindergarten
  2156. Why all your employees say "Best boss ever!"
  2157. Why all your employees say "WORST boss ever!"
  2158. Why am I so tired?
  2159. Why are the cops knocking at your door
  2160. Why are the neighbors screaming?
  2161. Why are you afraid of the dark?
  2162. Why are you anonymous online?
  2163. Why are you calling the IRS?
  2164. Why are you calling your cable provider
  2165. Why are you calling your cellphone provider?
  2166. Why are you calling your Optometrist?
  2167. Why are you dancing?
  2168. Why are you driving so fast?
  2169. Why are you here?
  2170. Why are you hiding behind the couch?
  2171. WHY are you hiding behind the door?
  2172. WHY are you hiding under the rock
  2173. Why are you hopping on one foot?
  2174. Why are you in jail?
  2175. Why are you in so much credit debt?
  2176. Why are you in the Guiness book of World Records?
  2177. Why are you in the Guinness Book of World Records?
  2178. Why are you mad at your child?
  2179. Why are you mad at your parents
  2180. Why are you out of breath?
  2181. Why are you replacing your furniture?
  2182. Why are you smiling?
  2183. Why are you standing in the corner?
  2184. Why are you standing on your head?
  2185. Why are you up at 3 A.M.?
  2186. Why are you walking down the highway?
  2187. Why are you wearing a mask?
  2188. Why are your walls all painted black?
  2189. Why decided to change hotels as soon as you saw your room
  2190. Why DID Billy Joe Macalaster jump off the Tallahatchee bridge?
  2191. Why did Granny get arrested?
  2192. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  2193. Why did the chicken hail an Uber ride?
  2194. Why did the politician cross the road?
  2195. Why did the president cross the road?
  2196. Why did the snail cross the road?
  2197. Why did the teller think you wanted to rob the bank?
  2198. Why did you call the IT Help Desk?
  2199. Why did you call Verizon Customer Service?
  2200. Why did you delete that selfie?
  2201. Why did you delete your last selfie
  2202. Why did you dig up the back yard?
  2203. Why did you get nervous on your flight home?
  2204. Why did you get rid of the family heirloom?
  2205. Why did you have to flee to Mexico?
  2206. Why did you lose at Scrabble?
  2207. Why did you lose the tennis match?
  2208. Why did you murder your husband?
  2209. Why did you need a rhinoplasty?
  2210. Why did you walk a twenty miles?
  2211. Why did your dream job turn into a nightmare?
  2212. Why didn't you sleep last night?
  2213. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
  2214. Why do birds suddenly appear whenever you are near?
  2215. Why do I hurt all over?
  2216. Why do shampoo bottles need instructions?
  2217. Why dogs keep showing up in your yard
  2218. Why Dorothy was kicked out of Oz
  2219. Why Elizabeth Taylor got married and divorced so many times.
  2220. Why God is crying
  2221. Why Harvard denied your application for admission
  2222. Why I had to tell a lie
  2223. Why inevitably you have 7 consonants or vowels in your Scrabble rack
  2224. WHY Irish eyes are smiling
  2225. Why is Bozo the Clown at your door?
  2226. Why is everyone staring at you?
  2227. Why is Soupy Sales in the trunk of your car?
  2228. Why is the babysitter mad at you?
  2229. Why is the CIA spying on you?
  2230. Why is the IRS coming after you?
  2231. Why is the pastor giving you the evil eye in church?
  2232. Why is the rent so cheap on the new apartment?
  2233. Why is your boss mad at you?
  2234. Why is your child mad?
  2235. Why is your gardener suing you?
  2236. Why is your mother angry at you?
  2237. Why is your nose crooked?
  2238. Why is your personal trainer suing you?..
  2239. Why isn't the Hamburglar caught?
  2240. Why it's time for a new career
  2241. Why Ivy League schools rejected you
  2242. Why make your bed?
  2243. Why malls are failing these days
  2244. Why men get grumpy as they age
  2245. Why MENSA rejected your application
  2246. Why Mom doesn't like your choice for (boy/girl)friend
  2247. Why no one in the family speaks to you anymore.
  2248. Why old TV shows were better than the new ones
  2249. Why people call you cheapskate
  2250. Why should we vote for your acro?
  2251. Why someone shrieked seeing your grocery cart
  2252. Why someone shrieked seeing your grocery cart
  2253. Why someone was barred from graduation ceremony
  2254. Why teenagers like torn up jeans
  2255. Why that "great deal" on a mattress turned out not to be
  2256. Why the DMV had to re-take your photo
  2257. Why the first date was also the last date
  2258. Why the health dept closed your favorite restaurant
  2259. Why the judge showed you mercy
  2260. Why the judge told you to "Just shut up"
  2261. Why the lawyer lost the case
  2262. Why the mayor was found to be corrupt
  2263. Why the mob is after you
  2264. Why the party broke up early
  2265. Why the police showed up at your door.
  2266. Why the restaurant refused to serve you
  2267. Why the spouses are yelling at each other
  2268. Why they are talking about you on the 6 O'Clock news
  2269. Why they declined to take you as a juror
  2270. Why they disconnected your phone
  2271. Why they fired you
  2272. Why they gave you a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  2273. Why Walmart wouldn't hire you as a Greeter
  2274. Why was the bunny arrested?
  2275. Why was the cashier giving you a dirty look?
  2276. Why was your cooking show cancelled?
  2277. Why we fired the babysitter
  2278. Why we love to be nostalgic.
  2279. Why were you on the front page of the local paper?
  2280. Why were you on the lawn at 4 am last night
  2281. Why were you passed up on a promotion?
  2282. Why weren't you accepted into NASA
  2283. Why women spend so much on makeup
  2284. Why you'll never go back to THAT restaurant again
  2285. Why you're leaving town
  2286. Why you're moving to another state
  2287. Why you're nervous or anxious
  2288. Why you're not an airline pilot
  2289. Why you're not in the Bowling Hall of Fame
  2290. Why you're on the cover of People magazine
  2291. Why you're taking next week off work
  2292. Why you (regularly or refuse to) shop at Walmart
  2293. Why you and your neighbors aren't speaking to one another
  2294. Why you are a medical oddity
  2295. Why you are back in high school now
  2296. Why you are being sued
  2297. Why you are disappointed
  2298. Why you are estranged from your family
  2299. Why you are giving notice to leave your apartment
  2300. Why you are having a party
  2301. Why you are in a Mexican jail
  2302. Why you are in court today
  2303. Why you are in trouble with the IRS
  2304. Why you are looking for new barber
  2305. Why you are or are not a teetotaler
  2306. Why you are or are not signed up for Facebook
  2307. Why you are peeking out the curtains.
  2308. Why you are suing a dry cleaners
  2309. Why you are thinking of hiring a ghostwriter for your acros.
  2310. Why you avoid the beach
  2311. Why you called the police
  2312. Why you came home totally dispirited
  2313. Why you canceled the party
  2314. Why you canceled wedding at the last minute
  2315. why you changed your college major
  2316. Why you cried out during sermon
  2317. Why you curse at your smartphone
  2318. Why you decided to move to the South
  2319. Why you deleted your internet history.
  2320. Why you demanded a refund at McDonalds
  2321. Why you didn't finish college
  2322. Why you didn't like your high school senior picture
  2323. Why you didn't take the bus today
  2324. Why you do (or don't) drink alcohol
  2325. Why you don't enter 100-mile-long Ultramarathons
  2326. Why you don't invite Aunt Edna to dinner any longer.
  2327. Why you don't invite Uncle Clyde to dinner any longer.
  2328. Why you don't play in the NFL
  2329. Why you don't use email for sensitive communications
  2330. Why you don't want anyone to see YOUR tax returns
  2331. Why you drove your car into a tree
  2332. Why you fired your gardener
  2333. Why you gave up mountain climbing
  2334. Why you got 5 goats
  2335. Why you got banned from Twitter
  2336. Why you got kicked out of the food court
  2337. Why you got pulled over
  2338. Why you got thrown off the cruise ship
  2339. Why you gravitated to the cool kids or the nerds.
  2340. Why you had a massive credit card bill this month
  2341. Why you had an incredibly elaborate wedding
  2342. Why you had to evacuate your home
  2343. Why you had to go to traffic court.
  2344. Why you had to rush home from work
  2345. Why you had to suddenly leave this game
  2346. Why you have a pet elephant
  2347. Why you have an unlisted phone number
  2348. Why you have doubts about your surgeon
  2349. Why you joined the military
  2350. Why you jumped off your horse into the river
  2351. Why you just grabbed a baseball bat.
  2352. Why you kept the size of the party you're having small.
  2353. Why you left Baskin Robbins without getting any ice cream
  2354. Why you left the dinner party early
  2355. Why you like or dislike "General" as a topic
  2356. Why you live in a big city
  2357. Why you live in a small town
  2358. Why you lost the cooking contest
  2359. Why you lost the pie eating contest
  2360. Why you lost your Walmart Greeter job
  2361. Why you love (or hate) football
  2362. Why you love or hate the "Rocky" movie franchise.
  2363. Why you made the front page
  2364. Why you might leave your spouse.
  2365. Why you might miss Acro
  2366. Why you missed church this week
  2367. Why you missed your morning meeting
  2368. Why you need a blood test
  2369. Why you need a cleaning person
  2370. Why you need a ladder
  2371. Why you need a new computer
  2372. Why you need a new mattress
  2373. Why you need a service dog
  2374. Why you need an operation
  2375. Why you need bail money
  2376. Why you needed the Merry Maids
  2377. Why you never go to the beach anymore.
  2378. Why you overslept this morning.
  2379. Why you pulled your kid out of his new school after 1 day
  2380. Why you quit school
  2381. Why you quit your job
  2382. Why you ran out the back as the cops came into the bar
  2383. Why you ran out the back door
  2384. Why you refused a job offer
  2385. Why you said no to a party invitation
  2386. Why you shaved your head
  2387. Why you shouldn't have 15 kids
  2388. Why you suspect your neighbor is a spy.
  2389. Why you think you're not in Kansas anymore
  2390. Why you think your boss hates you
  2391. Why you tipped the pizza delivery guy $150
  2392. Why you turned off your phone ringer
  2393. Why you walked out of that movie after 15 minutes
  2394. Why you walked to work today
  2395. Why you want the Mayor recalled from office
  2396. Why you wear THAT hat
  2397. Why you went to the doctor
  2398. Why you were arrested at the protest rally
  2399. Why you were arrested at Walmart
  2400. Why you were asked to leave the plane.
  2401. Why you were asked to leave the theater
  2402. Why you were asked to leave the wedding ceremony
  2403. Why you were escorted off the reservation
  2404. Why you were fired from the restaurant.
  2405. Why you were fired today
  2406. Why you were kicked off the cooking show.
  2407. Why you were left at the altar
  2408. Why you were rejected as a Flight Attendant
  2409. Why you were taken off your flight
  2410. Why you were thrown out of a hotel
  2411. Why you were thrown out of a restaurant
  2412. Why you were thrown out of the old folks home
  2413. Why you weren't allowed to graduate
  2414. Why you would make a great/awful standup comedian
  2415. Why you would or would not make a good chef.
  2416. Why you would or would not want to be in charge of a guillotine.
  2417. Why you would or wouldn't be an undertaker.
  2418. Why you would or wouldn't pay $20 for an airline sandwich.
  2419. Why you would or wouldn't run a marathon
  2420. Why your 30 year old son sees a therapist
  2421. Why your brother's wife left him
  2422. Why your career as a safecracker never took off
  2423. Why your cat doesn't want any cat friends
  2424. Why your dog keeps running away from home.
  2425. Why your driving instructor quit his job after your test
  2426. Why your friends didn't invite you to their party
  2427. Why your job interview went badly
  2428. Why your kid is in the principal's office
  2429. Why your kid REALLY likes his teacher
  2430. Why your kid wants to divorce you
  2431. Why your marriage lasted one week
  2432. Why your marriage only lasted a week
  2433. Why your marriage proposal was turned down
  2434. Why your mayor resigned
  2435. Why your mom is special
  2436. Why your name is in the newspaper
  2437. Why your neighbor hates you
  2438. Why your neighbors think you have ties to the Mafia.
  2439. Why your new diet only lasted 2 days
  2440. Why your new job didn't work out.
  2441. Why your new shoe factory is "different".
  2442. Why your party broke up early
  2443. Why your self help book was a failure
  2444. Why your shoes are on the wrong feet
  2445. Why your shoes don't match
  2446. Why your sister's husband left her
  2447. Why your spouse is yelling at you
  2448. Why your trip got cancelled
  2449. Winnebago mishaps
  2450. Winter blues
  2451. Winter Olympics
  2452. Wise words you heard from Mom
  2453. World War II
  2454. Worst ... Date ... Ever
  2455. Worst pizza recipe ever
  2456. Wow, what do you call that new hairdo?
  2457. Write a personal ad.
  2458. Write a review of your latest online purchase
  2459. Write a secret admirer note to another player, present or not.
  2460. Write a silly country/western song lyric
  2461. Write an ad for a stolen item on Ebay.
  2462. Written on your tombstone
  2463. Wrong thing to say to your husband
  2464. Wrong thing to say to your wife
  2465. Wrong way to ask for a raise
  2466. Year and an event that took place (e.g. 1969: First Moon Landing)
  2467. Yo' mama so skinny, she ...
  2468. Yo Mama so ____, she ____
  2469. Yo! Rhonda - over here, I need your help with ...
  2470. You're arrested. What fictional character do you call and why?
  2471. You're awarded a Nobel Prize. Why?
  2472. You're called to testify before Congress
  2473. You're in an episode of Star Trek
  2474. You're in the Old West in a covered wagon. What happens?
  2475. You're looking smug. Why?
  2476. You're on Broadway and forget your lines. Now what?
  2477. You're stuck for the night in East Windblown, Nebraska ...
  2478. You've been arrested by the Fashion Police, why?
  2479. You've embraced island life by....
  2480. You've got a brand new pair of .....
  2481. You've Won Powerball. What do You Do?
  2482. You are crowned king/queen. Why?
  2483. You are laughing because...
  2484. You are starring in cowboys/western movie
  2485. You are suddenly in a major movie being filmed. What happens?
  2486. You are surprised to learn you are related to ____
  2487. You are trying to talk your toddler of of dressing as..... for Halloween
  2488. You arrive in Heaven, and hear God say ...
  2489. You called the wedding off when your partner said .... in wedding vows
  2490. You can't brie serious! (Write a cheese pun)
  2491. You can ask God one question, What do you ask?
  2492. You can take this job and ....
  2493. You crossed the street mid-block, and then ...
  2494. You decided not to leave your child with the sitter when...
  2495. You did WHAT?
  2496. You discovered a new use for jellyfish....what?
  2497. You don't want to tell your husband you lost your diamond. so you...
  2498. You enter a bank wearing a mask. What happens?
  2499. You enter a dance contest. What happens?
  2500. You finally got to sit in first class, and then what happened?
  2501. You find a joint in your son's jeans
  2502. You find a magic amulet. What happens?
  2503. You find yourself in
  2504. You find yourself in dinosaur times, what happens
  2505. You find yourself old and playing bingo. What do you realize?
  2506. You get to Hell where you are surprised to see who?
  2507. You got on the wrong bus and ended up....
  2508. You got out on the dance floor, and the crowd's reaction was ...
  2509. You hated a movie, and wrote a review that said ...
  2510. You have a spy camera in Heaven; who are you surprised to see there?
  2511. You have lots of plans for the day. But ...
  2512. You have to give a speech to 1000 people tomorrow
  2513. You knew you'd hate your new boss because he ...
  2514. You knocked down a wall in your house and found...
  2515. You know it's the 21st Centruy when ...
  2516. You know it's time to retire when ...
  2517. You know you're ____ when ____
  2518. You know you're addicted to acro when...
  2519. You know you've had a bad day when ...
  2520. You know you've had too much coffee when...
  2521. You know you are out of shape when ...
  2522. You literally paint the town red
  2523. You look back on your life and realize...
  2524. You look fabulous! What's your secret?
  2525. You make me feel ...
  2526. You may be a redneck if ...
  2527. You meet God. What happens?
  2528. You might be a ____ if you _____
  2529. You might be a ____ if______
  2530. You might be a baby shark if
  2531. You might need an operation if ...
  2532. You moved to China and your new house has ...
  2533. You realized this week that....
  2534. You receive an invitation to what oddball event
  2535. You said ______ and they all gasped
  2536. You suddenly realize you missed an appointment
  2537. You thought you were ___ but you were really ____
  2538. You took a really stunning photo of ...
  2539. You took a wrong turn on the ski hill
  2540. You tried to make a sculpture of your love, but it looks more like...
  2541. You want to stand out at your prom, so you....
  2542. You went to "Cheapest Cut in Town" hair salon/barber shop
  2543. You were frozen for 100 years. When they melt you, you see...
  2544. You were in a shop waiting to be served and left abruptly. Why?
  2545. You were seen coming out of ____
  2546. You woke up in Mexico. how did you get there?
  2547. You woke up with this tattoo on your face
  2548. You won a prize. What for?
  2549. You won the costume contest by wearing...
  2550. Your #1 Travel Tip
  2551. Your addiction
  2552. Your advice as to whether or not to have a child
  2553. Your advice to a leprechaun.
  2554. Your Airbnb experience
  2555. Your baby's first shocking words.
  2556. Your best diet tip
  2557. Your biggest pet peeve(s)
  2558. Your bird embarrassed you when it repeated.....
  2559. Your book club disbanded because ...
  2560. Your campaign for office was derailed when it came out that in HS you ..
  2561. Your case for becoming a saint
  2562. Your close encounter with a celebrity
  2563. Your crafts club disbanded because ...
  2564. Your day at Disneyland
  2565. Your dinner party flopped because...
  2566. Your dog is really special because he can ...
  2567. Your dog walking accident
  2568. Your epitaph
  2569. Your experience in the hospital
  2570. Your experience with "Paying it Forward"
  2571. Your famous breakfast dish
  2572. Your favorite childhood memory.
  2573. Your favorite relative
  2574. Your favorite TV show is canceled
  2575. Your favorite type of restaurant
  2576. Your favorite way to relax
  2577. your first reaction to your new mail order spouse
  2578. Your first try at Karaoke - how did that go?
  2579. Your go-to pain medication
  2580. Your greatest achievement in life
  2581. Your high-school yearbook described you as 'Most likely to...'
  2582. Your high school memories
  2583. Your home remedy when you aren't feeling well
  2584. Your honor I object...
  2585. Your honor, this case is ...
  2586. Your host prepares an elaborate banquet for you, but ...
  2587. Your Instagram post that got 10,000 Likes
  2588. Your ISP's explanation for your disconnections
  2589. Your job in the current administration
  2590. Your job working with George Costanza at Van Delay Industries
  2591. Your journey on a UFO ended with ...
  2592. Your last thought as you drive into a tree.
  2593. Your latest online shopping experience
  2594. Your Life Motto
  2595. Your life summarized in one sentence.
  2596. Your love letter came back, "Return to Sender"
  2597. Your mama's so skinny, she ...
  2598. Your message to the world.
  2599. Your mom called. She said to tell you ...
  2600. Your most likely contribution to the world
  2601. Your neighbors were upset when they saw you building a ____ in your yard
  2602. Your new exciting board game
  2603. Your new job was really very boring
  2604. Your new tattoo that you tried to hide from your spouse was....
  2605. Your new winery is different because ...
  2606. Your new world-changing invention
  2607. Your obituary
  2608. Your preferred mode of transport
  2609. Your quack doctor said to ____ for the ringing in your ears
  2610. Your reaction to being drafted into the army
  2611. Your reaction when someone whistled at you
  2612. Your relationship with the Bible
  2613. Your romance novelist alias
  2614. Your secret to success.
  2615. Your Stage Name
  2616. Your tree cutting disaster
  2617. Your trip to Australia was...
  2618. Your trip to the DMV was....
  2619. Your typical gym teacher is ...
  2620. Your underwater hotel failed because...
  2621. Your unique wedding cake
  2622. Your unusual petting zoo has a ....
  2623. Your wedding photo disaster
  2624. Your wrong guess of a Wheel of Fortune puzzle(variant of something common)