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  • Player ID:
    • from 1 to 15 letters and digits, starting with a letter
    • User names are visible in the lobby to all.
      Choose a name which won't offend anyone.
      Names built on vulgarisms, racial or ethnic slurs,
      or other such words are not allowed.

  • Password:
    Type your password carefully and take note of it.
    All characters count, including blanks, and case matters!
  • Email address:
    You must provide an email address where you can receive a mail.
    To complete the registration process, you'll receive a mail at
    that address which will contain a you-need-to-click-it link.

    You will not be spammed, nor will we share, give, or sell your
    address to anyone without your permission, and we only use
    it ourselves for anything else only on rare occasions.

    We recommend AGAINST using temporary, throwaway addresses.
    The principal use we make of email addresses is to recover a lost
    or forgotten password. If you cannot get back to the original email
    address, you'll be unable to receive a new password.

    A special-purpose address (such as '')
    can be created if you don't want to reveal your 'real' address.
    Some email providers allow you to create additional addresses
    linked to the same account.

    Carefully check you have entered your email correctly!
    Typos in emails ("", etc) occur often, the result being
    you don't get the confirmation email, and have to create a
    different account.

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Logins are on the Honor System (for now)
Be Honorable about it!

If players continue changing their names willy-nilly,
the convenience of not needing passwords will be lost to all.


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version 119-020-05

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What is a Story Game?

In a story game, the rounds are all connected by a plot line.

Round 1: Acros specify a title for the story, and the winner IS that.

Example: "Bob's New Car"

Subsequent rounds:
The topics weave the story:

Example: How did Bob pay for the car? ...
... (acros provide the answers)

Example: Tell us about Bob's accident ... (ditto)

... and it continues throughout the game in that fashion
until the last round.

A new game starts with a new title round for a new story.

Available commands: (enter in chat box/es)
(those in green with underlines can be clicked to execute them).