This page compares the features of Acrozilla with Acrofever, another acronym game site.
For a comparison with Acrochallenge, see Differences from Acrochallenge page.
Clean/Standard/Adult classifications Everyone mixes together = least common denominator
Strictly enforces primary letters-vs-words rule.
Occasional wildcard 'letter' appears as an asterisk. ( * )
Write pretty much whatever you want;
letters need not match, extra words allowed.
Discourages - sometimes quite strongly - players changing names/player ids.
Names are used for record keeping.
Allows players to change names,
maintaining records using an underlying id number.
Letters change color as they are matched.
Explict message in chat telling you why an an acro wasn't accepted.
Notifications of votes or acros which are submitted after time runs out.
Create, choose style, and name your own games. Fixed set of 3 games
6 choices for topic setting (winner, server, word lists, pictures, creator, none) No choices - it's always topics
Complete support for Story Time games, Word Acro, Picture Acro No clue about any of those
Support for Topics by Creator - can preload topics. N/A
Password protected games N/A
Can send private messages to one player N/A
Can block selected players including acros and chat ???
Colorful, purposeful color choices Mostly white background
Fonts and colors chosen for good contrast Light gray text on white background
Diverse backgrounds for holidays and throughout the year Same bright white always
Compact single line chat Widely spaced chat, leaving only a few lines visible
Some things overlay, more so on smaller screens Round results push chat off screen
Designed for laptops and larger Takes mobile into consideration for design
Fixed timers for writing acros: 1 minute 60, 90, and 120 second timers in the 3 rooms.
Number of letters follows 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 cycle Number of letters in each round is random
Winner of previous round sets topic Person setting topic chosen randomly. Surprise! It's you.
Doesn't suggest topics. Offers several suggestions, chosen at random.
No login passwords or profiles (initially). Has login passwords and profiles.
You can see your own acro during voting. You can't.
Winner bonus based on number of votes. Fixed winner bonus of 2 points.
Fixed, 10 rounds games Games to 25 points.
No scoring reductions. Penalty for submitting acro and not voting.
Idle players changed to Watching status. Idle players removed from room.
Available only during limited hours. Generally 24/7.