Born in 2017, Acrozilla is one of many in a long line of game sites for what might be called simply, "The Acronym Game".

Earlier incarnations, some alive, some in the acronym game graveyard, include Acrophobia, Acrochallenge, Acrobabble, Acroblast, Acrofever, Acrowars, and perhaps others. You can even play this game at, which is primarily an online Pictionary-style drawing game!

The game concept is fairly simple:

Care to give it a try yourself ?
Have a go with these letters: M A G A.

To see some that we came up with for those letters, click HERE.

M A G A     Acros:

  1. Many Americans Growing Anxious.
  2. Minority Accepts Grifter's Activities.
  3. Majority Are Greatly Astonished.
  4. Most Acknowledge Guy's Abhorrent.
  5. Maelstrom After Grifter Arrived.
  6. Moscow's Agent Governing America.
  7. Making American Government Anti-American.
  8. Morons and Grifters Abound.
  9. Malicious Actor Governing America.
  10. Maybe America's Greatest Asshole?
  11. Moron Accepts 'Gifts' Anytime.
  12. Malice Anywhere Government Acts.
  13. Money Accumulation Gets Attention.
  14. Malfeasance Always Gets Attention.
  15. Mueller's a Great American.
  16. Mueller's Agents Going Ahead.
  17. Maniac's Accountant's Giving Aid.
  18. Maybe Annoyed God Acts?
  19. Might Anyone Get Acquitted?
  20. Man's Awful; Governs Abominably.

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